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"Angry birds" Mobile Games producer profitability in the first half of the game — original title: "angry birds" Mobile Games producer profitability in the first half of August 24th, Helsinki Xinhua News (reporter Li Jizhi Xu Qian) is famous for its production of mobile phone game "angry birds" Finland Rovio announced on 24, in serious losses after a year, because the game business good performance, the first half of this year the company to profitability. According to Rovio’s announcement, the first half of this year the company achieved revenue 76 million 400 thousand euros ($86 million 100 thousand), compared with the same period last year growth of 10 million 300 thousand euros ($11 million 610 thousand), a pre tax profit of 5 million 700 thousand euros ($6 million 420 thousand) last year, a loss of 10 million 200 thousand euros ($11 million 490 thousand). In addition, the game business performance, sales grew by 24%. Notice that the figures do not include angry birds movie box office revenue. The film since May this year, the global release, box office in North America and Chinese brisk performance, the global box office has more than $347 million. Market research firm Nelson recently released a report pointed out that in industrialized countries in the world, the game takes 10% people’s leisure time, the mobile phone is the latest and most popular gaming platform. In China, hand travel accounted for most of the game market. Although the global economic slowdown, but the United States Mobile Games enterprise Azkaban CEO Zhou Kaiwen said recently that he Mobile Games on the development of the market prospects. He said: "the gaming industry is very little affected by the recession. In the financial crisis of the past few years, the hand travel industry because of its low cost and mutual entertainment development is very rapid, with an average annual growth rate of over 20%." Zhou Kaiwen also said: the future of the core of the game is hand travel, and the future of the most potential hand travel market in china." The company was founded in 2003, the 2009 launch of Mobile Games "angry birds" quickly became popular. Since then, the company’s business from the game quickly expanded to animation, education, amusement parks, licensed goods, etc.. In 2013, Rovio growth slowed down, serious losses in 2015, then, the layoffs and restructuring. (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: