Another blow! To build huge Ding about cars-k-boxing

Another blow! To build a huge Ding about car recently, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, the four largest city in Shenzhen has released the network about the car management rules draft, in the aspects of detail provisions. Subsequently, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Tianjin and other places have also introduced a network about car management rules for the draft. From around the contents of the draft, the net about the management of the car tighter after drops and merged with UBER, had the advantage richly endowed by nature the taxi drops suddenly faced with a challenge from the policy, the next step how to both sides of the game can make nothing of it. In this context, China Everbright financial leasing a large group of "Ding about cars" and China Everbright Bank’s in Beijing signed a strategic cooperation agreement, will provide a total of 5 billion yuan of funds to support the "Ding about car", used to support the "Ding about cars" to develop the network about the car market. Network about the car recruits, where is the advantage? In April this year, a large group has set up a network about car service company – "Tinker ride", then in May it was renamed "Tinker ride". This one is to convey to the industry "Tinker ride" precision positioning in the field of travel to ride the car market, do small and beautiful "business strategy and brand image. Two is to honor the Pang Qinghua mouth, the Internet landing policy. With the change of policy, as well as the market demand for network about cars increases, "Tinker ride" business forms will face a change. According to Pang Qinghua introduction, ready to eliminate the field of "huge Tinker ride", set up the network about the car business department. Pang Qinghua, chairman of the huge group, said: " buy a car is a huge offer, the car is also a huge offer, from this point of view, we should vigorously develop the network about the car industry. " Ding about car "is a large group of their diversified travel service platform to build, under the Tourist Bus Line network, car rental, car ride, city, commuter bus, tourist car, taxi, car maintenance, car rental time, electricity suppliers and other business segments. In a large group of resources under the support of "Ding about car" give full play to the synergy of each business segment, one after another in Beijing, Shenyang, Xi’an, Tang (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) hundreds of city hill set up a travel service branch. "Focus on the travel and car market, make the user experience better, more cost-effective car", "Ding advantage about cars than any other network about the largest platform for car." Assistant to the president of a large group (ginseng, pictures, and Ding net inquiry) about the car responsible person said is often Yeru. In a most troublesome time, about the car of Ding its short board in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen four foursquare draft issued, some netizens joked: "Beijing hukou, a local license plate, are open 2.0L or 1.8T more cars, this condition is not good, usually the object of touch, now in the new the policy network about a car to give you a good screen." Indeed, such a strict limit the number of drops of drivers and vehicles is reduced, this will lead directly to the car about the double fare, poor user experience, then to cultivate so long market share advantage will be greatly weakened. The large group Ding about car is taking another road. It is reported.相关的主题文章: