Anti Doping is the main topic of the Olympic Summit-aquaria

This summit held the Olympic Anti Doping is the main issue of Beijing, the central broadcasting network Lausanne on October 8th news (reporter Zhang Wen) according to voice of Chinese "CNR news" reported that the Olympic summit held today in Lausanne, the General Assembly will exchange views on the Olympic coordinated development in the future, it is understood that anti doping is the main topic of the meeting. According to the International Anti Doping problem, Russia believes that in the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany and Australia as the representative of the West has much political intentions, so in the Rio Olympic Games and the Rio Paralympic Game, taken against Russia’s unfair behavior, leading to the outbreak of the cold war dangerous sports. In order to better the development of the Olympic movement, by the International Olympic Committee President Bach proposed the convening of the Olympic summit, a bit like a new "sports UN" institutions, to develop to the Olympic movement, more exchange of views, so that we integrate different views to promote the Olympic movement harmony. To participate in the Olympic summit including members of International Olympic Committee chairman Bach and 14 executive committee members of International Olympic Committee and the Athletes Committee executive committee. It also includes the chairman of the WADA, the chairman of the International Court of arbitration for sports and the president of the Paralympic games. In addition, there are 6 large sports association chairman also was invited, they are FIFA chairman and former Infantino to the International Gymnastics Federation Chairman Bruno? Grundy and the International Swimming Federation President Julio? Magary, oni IAAF President Sebastian C and chairman of the International Ski Federation, international spa snowmobile Federation President ivo. What is interesting is that Isinbayeva, who has just been elected as a member of the Committee of International Olympic Committee athletes, will also be present at the meeting. When she and the IAAF President Sebastian, chairman Craig and WADA?? Reedie sat in the same hall discussions, may be a summit worthy of attention. In the Olympic Games, only 3 National Association of the Olympic Committee was invited, that is, the United States and russia. From this point, we can see that the status of Chinese sports in the Olympic family.相关的主题文章: