Anti explosion castrated version of Samsung note 7 system update can only charge 60% hypersnap-dx

Anti explosion castrated version of Samsung Note 7 system update: can only charge 60% electricity, according to foreign media reports, most of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users have returned their equipment. But for those still in use, Samsung will begin to limit the phone’s charging function. Local time on Friday, Samsung said the United States 85% of the Note has been recalled, most users have chosen to replace another Samsung smartphone, but the company did not announce the number of recalls worldwide. Learned that in the next few days, Samsung Note 7 users will be pushed to the U.S. market, a software update, after the update of the phone will be able to fill up to 60% of the electricity. Note 7 in addition, when the user to charge the phone every time, restart or open the screen, the interface will jump out of the recall reminder. Although Samsung has warned users to stop using Note 7, but there are still some fans choose to use adventure. In addition to limiting the amount of charging, Samsung has also taken a more radical means in other markets, such as in New Zealand, Samsung teamed up with local operators to cut off the phone’s wireless network access port. Explosion proof? Note 7 update can only charge 60% of electricity is Samsung Note 7 in mid August this year, the advent of a smart mobile phone, it should shoulder the responsibility of Samsung to consolidate the leading position in the mobile market, but it totally did not expect is that the mobile phone was a serious problem of self ignition and explosion. Later, in order to restore the reputation of the company, it had to announce the suspension of the phone. Samsung said, Note 7 will be recalled in the next few quarters to spend $about 5000000000 in funds. It pours, after Note announced the recall of 7 before long, the company in the United States had to recall 2 million 800 thousand sets of washing machine. (source: cnBeta editor: BZ) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: