Antique fidelity wind service online shopping fakes flooding the buyer can not let down 9c8996

Antique fidelity wind service online shopping fakes flooding the buyer can not let down the south of eye in recent years, continuous adjustment of the art market, as the main channel of the antique trading auction industry also inevitably face double turnover and turnover decline. In order to stimulate social popularity, bring more incremental funding approach, in order to save the market downturn, many auction houses and the exchange of art institutions have launched the "fidelity auction" as a gimmick of new marketing mode. Among them, the trading mechanism of all kinds of art business platform is the most flexible, one time attracted great attention in the middle of the collector. Insiders pointed out that, according to the provisions of the auction, the auctioneer and client of the statement did not guarantee the auction, can not bear the responsibility of security flaws in the law, holding the "imperial sword" at the same time, some online auction and traditional auction platform for the auction business but consciously take responsibility, "fidelity" is a kind of good the phenomenon of. However, buyers are still not to let down fake, must hit twelve points, avoid the potential risk of the transaction. Auction enterprise Nanfang Daily reporter Feng Shanshu according to the warranty clause in fact, according to the provisions of the international rules and the auction method, even China guardian, Beijing poly this kind of formal qualifications and good brand of auction mechanism, there is no statutory obligations for buyers in the auction to buy the authenticity of the goods for. Guangdong law firm Wenger zero Qing Ming told the Nanfang Daily reporter, China’s current "auction law" sixty-first very clear, auctioneer and client in the auction before the auction declaration does not guarantee the genuineness or quality of an object, do not assume warranty responsibility. Here said the security flaws, is actually the current art circle is most concerned about the issue of fidelity. In the art auction industry and the chain, fidelity can be regarded as the core of the problem, how to directly involved in both countries, auction enterprises and the legitimate rights and interests of consumers as the protector of the Quartet, how the interests of division and responsibility. This section, as all kinds of art institutions, especially in the auction, the annual spring and autumn auction auction printed auction catalogue published "the essential clauses", which has become the auction and encounter various fake shot fake disputes, to achieve self protection sword in judicial proceedings. "Because the auction law article sixty-first, antique and curio industry has always followed a norm, that is drilling zirendaomei." Collectors, Collectors Association vice chairman of Guangdong province He Wenfa told reporters that in 1990s he just contact the collection circle, play is the antique, then eat more loss was found, this line is fake, fake and photographed is difficult to safeguard their rights, can only blame their own vision is not high enough. In the view of He Wenfa, it has been plagued by domestic auction industry, and "sixty-first" into a lot of knowledgeable buyers still dare not easily enter the auction "stumbling block". Although some people in the industry believe that the provisions of the civil law and the principle of fairness, honesty and credibility, and the contract law, consumer protection law is contrary to the spirit of the law, but the domestic law.相关的主题文章: