Archaeologists found the remains of Chinese people in Rome in London

Archaeologists have discovered the remains of the Chinese people in Rome in London, and scientists have discovered that two of the remains found in London may have come from china. Tencent, science news, according to the British newspaper "independent" reported that archaeologists found a tomb unearthed in London’s two ancient remains perhaps originated in the China area, this finding may be that we have been assuming subversion for Rome Empire and the British capital. A team of archaeologists and scientists has used sophisticated techniques to monitor the remains of more than and 20 human remains unearthed from the second Century to the year fourth Century. Two of these remains may have originated in China, said Dr. Rebecca Redfern, curator of the Museum of human bones at the London museum. She told BBC’s "World Survey" program said: "this is absolutely amazing. This is the first time we at the Britannia area (which is on the island of Britain Old Italian Empire called Rome) identified Asian human ancestors." This finding challenges our traditional understanding of the british. The findings also suggest that the exchanges between the Rome Empire and the Chinese dynasty were more than many historians had previously speculated. And, more importantly, this finding could mean that the communication between the two regions is likely to occur outside the famous silk road. Previous studies have shown the cultural essence of the ancient city, and is an important trade hub, which is the second time the ancient relics from the ruins of Rome may be found in china. One of the earliest human remains from China was found in Vagnari, Italy. Dr. Redfern said: "the expansion of the Empire of Rome to Western Europe and the Mediterranean region, also led to a number of different regions and different ethnic assimilation and migration. The power and wealth of the Empire of Rome means that it is able to trade with Europe, Africa and Asia, including India and china. And many people travel because of a professional relationship or trade." Archaeologists and historians are still divided over the remains of ancient Chinese regions in the Rome empire. These findings could mean that traders in China are here, and many have established their own trading communities. Dr. Redfern wrote in her article: "it is very likely that the death of individuals originated in Asia enslaved people, or enslaved people’s offspring, because of that era are the slave trade activities between India, Rome and China." (traveler compilation) [detailed] century problem is how to build the Egyptian pyramids相关的主题文章: