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Art Abramovich godmother analysis of controversial life Marina · Abramovich. Image: Courtesy Saeed AFP Getty Images Khan. As a general in the public opinion in the teeth of the storm and the artists Marina · Abramovich (Marina Abramovi?) published in his October 25th memoir hope to clarify their. The living fossil of the book records the behavior of the artist as a challenge the limits of human skill experience. "When the plane hit air, I fear and trembling together," the artist writes: "but when I was writing, I will throw away in the." The following is our 70 from the upcoming November 30th to celebrate the birthday of the performance of the art of the grandmother who got the inspiration of the 5. Her work is currently on display in Milan FM for Contemporary Art Centre. Marina · Abramovich, "through" (Walk Thorough Walls). Photograph: Courtesy Penguin Random House 1, she is a spoiled child Abramovich was born in Yugoslavia after World War II, which is full of childhood body image, drama and many other issues concerned. She used "boring" to describe the Yugoslavia capital of Belgrade: "communism and Socialism — that their aesthetics based on the characteristics of a completely ugly." Despite growing up in the post-war environment, Abramovich’s parents were war heroes, creating a comfortable living condition for the thriving artist. They live in a spacious building "in 1920s, which has a lot of rich iron and glass products, like the Paris apartment." The whole family lived in the house, it was a luxury. Although her parents had a deep influence on her, she was most impressed by her superstitious grandmother,   Milica. "Her symbols and rituals are a spiritual thing for me," she said. 2, Abramovich started from painting…… To some extent…… Her father’s friend, Filo Filipovic, lit a canvas called sunset. This is her first painting class. At the age of 14, she dedicated her life to art. Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade during the period, the artist painted dreams, still life, the human body, until the completion of the one called "cloud and its shadow" (Cloud With Its Shadows) works — she had put a peanut nail on the wall, then sigh it caused by shadows. "At the moment I saw the little shadow," Abramovich wrote, "I realized that graphic art was a thing of the past for me – the work opened a whole new t for me相关的主题文章: