Asia Strategy the Fed rate hike is expected to cool down, the high interest rate resolution for

Asia Strategy: the Fed rate hike is expected to cool down, we finished waiting for interest rate resolution fed vice chairman Fisher (Stanley Fischer) on Monday (February 1st) said that in view of inflation is still too low, if the recent financial market volatility trend continued and the emergence of a global economic slowdown signal, the American economy may suffer damage. U.S. Supply Management Association (ISM) data released on Monday showed that the U.S. manufacturing sector shrank for fourth consecutive months in January, but slowed down faster than in December, while the employment sub index fell to six and a half years low. The Australian dollar yesterday upward, the daily close again close to the line, the exchange rate to break above the 0.7100 mark, continue to maintain the exchange rate at the shock rebound chart, below support at 5 near the average, dropping still does not break to move higher, above the further resistance to the 100 day moving average near 0.7155, is expected to break through up to continue testing the 200 day moving average and 0.7200 mark integer, the RBA will be announced later its latest interest rate decision, the market expected the RBA will maintain interest rates unchanged, while maintaining a consistent dovish stance, but the short-term temporary advice from watching, in the resolution after considering the approach operation. Important economic data will be released on the 11:00 Australia interest rate resolution 16:00 eurozone unemployment population changes in Germany 16:55 Spain the euro zone unemployment population changes 17:30 the UK construction purchasing managers’ index 18:00 the unemployment rate in the euro zone Asia strategy 2016-02-02 into [shares] discuss Sina Finance

环亚策略:美联储加息预期降温,澳美冲高等待利率决议   美联储副主席费希尔(Stanley Fischer)周一(2月1日)表示,鉴于通胀仍然过低,如果近期金融市场震荡走势持续并出现全球经济放缓的信号,则美国经济可能遭受损害。美国供应管理协会(ISM)周一公布的数据显示,美国1月制造业连续第四个月萎缩,但放缓速度低于12月,而就业分项指数降至六年半低位。   澳元兑美元昨日震荡上行,日图收为再次收为阳线,汇价突破至0.7100关口上方,图中看汇价继续保持震荡反弹走势,下方支撑位于5日均线附近,下探不破仍有继续冲高可能,上方进一步阻力位于100日均线0.7155附近,突破后有望继续上行测试200日均线以及0.7200整数关口,稍后澳洲联储将公布其最新利率决议,市场预计澳洲联储将维持利率不变,同时保持一贯的鸽派立场,但短线建议暂时离市观望,在决议后再考虑进场操作。   日内即将公布的重要经济数据:   11:00澳大利亚 利率决议   16:00欧元区 西班牙失业人口变动   16:55欧元区 德国失业人口变动   17:30英国 建筑业采购经理人指数   18:00欧元区 失业率   环亚策略   2016-02-02 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: