At the age of 11 runners over the world leave footprints of his father knowledge is more important

At the age of 11 runners over the world leave footprints of his father: knowledge is more important than knowledge – Beijing Wang Runxi in New Zealand marathon competition "excluded! Class to go to school tomorrow, only "listen to mumbo-jumbo"!" 23, 1 pm, 7.5 earthquake in New Zealand witnessed a group of Chengdu marathon enthusiasts, well go home. After surviving joy, 11 years of small run friends Wang Runxi now is "ignorant" — all his textbooks and workbooks, all fall in the New Zealand earthquake area in Kaikoura, this also means that the second day, Wang Runxi can "walk" to go to school. However, Wang Runxi’s father stood aside, but there is no trace of anxiety, he told the Chengdu Business Daily reporter, in his son’s education philosophy, common sense is more important than knowledge". Leave to go to New Zealand marathon earthquake bag in the room of Wang Runxi in a primary school in the South Gate of Chengdu read the sixth grade in November 13th, together with his parents to New Zealand, and plans to attend the 19 day in New Zealand at the Queenstown international marathon. Wang Runxi’s father, Wang Chao, a marathon runner, is also the co-founder of Chengdu’s famous running group, running park. The family has become a marathon enthusiasts under the influence of Wang Chao, one family are keen to participate in the marathon held around the world, "the world is full of foot print". This time the New Zealand marathon, Wang Chao’s wife, son, sister, and even his more than and 60 year old mother, have completed the marathon race. Before the whole family went to New Zealand, Wang Chao asked his son for a holiday. Before his departure, Wang Runxi put all the textbooks and workbooks are put into a bag, originally intended to play one side self-study, however self-study is not two days, he and his book completely "bye bye". November 14th morning, the earthquake struck. Wang Runxi recalls: at that time, I just walked into the bathroom of the hotel room, suddenly the lights went out, scared me to shout, and then rushed out to find his mother." Mother took Wang Runxi to the outside of the hotel. "My mother and I were the first to reach the open space." Wang Runxi said. After he was placed in a safe place, his mother rushed back to the room with several important items. Wang Runxi’s bag and it was left in the room. That night, on the quilt from the hotel to take out, Wang Runxi family in a small town near a hedge. The afternoon of November 14th, Wang Runxi and his family, helicopter left the town of Kaikoura earthquake. In November 19th, the family planned to participate in the New Zealand Queenstown international marathon. Fall in the earthquake zone bag, Wang Runxi and his family are not particularly concerned about. Wang Chao said: "everything is the best arrangement." Away from the classroom to participate in the marathon father took him in the world more than this is not the first time Wang Runxi left the classroom to run a marathon. Under the leadership of his father, since May 2014, he has participated in more than 20 domestic and international marathon. The New Zealand Queenstown International Marathon, he is the youngest member of the team, with 6 hours and 30 minutes to complete the marathon. In school, Wang Runxi is the role that many students envy. Because he is相关的主题文章: