Australia continues to attract overseas tourists to promote economic growth of Chinese tourists obvi ricky lee neely

Australia continues to attract overseas tourists and promote the economic Chinese tourists increased significantly – Beijing, Beijing, August 26, according to "the Australian newspaper" reported, according to a new report, the Australian dollar decline and targeted marketing activities will promote international tourists with an average annual growth rate of 6.2% in the next three years. Deloitte Access Economics8 25 released the tourism and hotel market prospects, and raised the number of visitors is expected to grow. In the year ended June, the growth rate of the tourism sector is three times the Australian economy. The number of international tourists, including from the fast-growing Chinese market, has risen 10% in the past year, the fastest pace since the middle of 90s. Despite the worsening global economic situation, the growth of international tourists will usually be curbed. Tourist consumption increased by 17.9%, the average value of the past five years, two times, is an encouraging sign of the Australian tourism industry, while the number of domestic tourism has also been record high. Due to unfavorable geographical position, Australia will never be able to compete with the larger tourist destination, which makes tourism spending by Asian tourists to the tourism operators are also important. DDT partner Smul said that although the tourism sector after the end of the mining boom experienced a recovery, but in the past six months and found a new impetus. "We observed significant growth in tourism in Australia and internationally in the context of relatively weak economic conditions." Smul said, the Australian dollar against the U.S. dollar to maintain a relatively favorable exchange rate, the continued growth of the Asian middle class continues to boost international travel. But with the Chinese income growth, travel speed is accelerating." In the past year, Chinese tourists increased by 22.2%, more than North America and the United kingdom. O’Sullivan, director of the Australian Tourism Administration, said the DDT report supports recent arrivals and consumption data, showing that the performance of the tourism sector has exceeded that of other sectors of the economy. They want to launch marketing campaigns around the world to take advantage of the recent surge in visitors. O’Sullivan said: "we have seen a number of international tourists and spending two digit growth for a period of time, and distribution from the Australian tourism operators and our overseas partners get feedback is very optimistic. I believe that Australia’s international appeal has improved dramatically, providing a sound marketing platform, and the introduction of the latest global marketing activities, the introduction of our travel destinations around the world." The Australian dollar fell to boost the domestic tourism, more Australians choose North Queensland, Australia or North, instead of Fiji, Bali and Phuket Island. DDT report found that the trend of domestic tourism growth rate of 9% – the fastest record in the history of the domestic holiday market every year more than 3 million trips. This is the twentieth consecutive quarter of economic growth. Outbound travel increased by 4.3%, far below the Australian dollar exchange rate and the u.s.. In the main hotel market, Sydney is still the biggest winner, the trend occupancy rate reached 89%, the highest level in history. And Darwin in brisbane.相关的主题文章: