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Baby N play fairy hair beauty new height long hair easily get- Sohu by virtue of the "dragon tactic" in the performance of baby won the best supporting actress award upset, this is her first in the award nomination and award. The night of the baby with a new height of beautiful fairy hair, successfully pulled the film festival color value. The award baby wearing marchesa2017 spring dress collocation, perfect hair, full of fairies, elegant and bright, triggered netizens call: "beautiful goddess"! Baby some time ago just cut Qi Liuhai, also have their hair cut short the whole point, but did not affect the various pose oh! Look, this changed Xian Qi full of fish with braided hair, smooth forehead, delicate features, still Yan burst table values. For the rest of the photos in the background, the award for word days, a hair more beautiful, vaguely can see the shadow of bangs. Look at baby’s hair or a good drop, although she always hairstyle, but generally not changing the color, but also maintenance well. Now a lot of stars like about though all hair cut short, but still there are a group of girls, or stick with their long hair. Long hair what good-looking? And the United States only know Zhi Ling sister several times rolled up her long hair, disguised as hair appearance, but is not really determined to lose their hair! Long hair so good my beauty I know 1 straight for eleven occasions: friends gathering, shopping, dinner will naturally long hair combed into natural partial curved bangs, generally showing "S" type profile, is probably the appearance rate of hair of the highest law. "Hello" Joanne in high cold workplace domineering queen Qiao An, so that the advantages of Kenny impressed. In order to play the queen, Qi brother changed in the past for black hair, long straight, overbearing. Since then, Qi brother also fell in love with a variety of hair styling… Recently at Fashion Week show Qi brother, has always been a graceful partial oblique bangs hair styling. Before the hair is really big and little old. Partial "S" bangs, sexy and elegant, Qi brother play high ~ * show in Canada, Zhang Ziyi attended the forty-first session of the Toronto International Film Festival red carpet "wake up mom" to comb the hair side close to the scalp, suit coat with black low cut dress, handsome and charming yet. "Spain, Fan Bingbing attended the sixty-fourth session of the San Sebastian Film Festival Premiere of" I am not Pan Jinlian "Fan Ye long hair is always loyal fans, a waterfall soft bright black long straight has become almost synonymous with her hair. Recently also awards get soft, the state is good to light, long black hair has become a standard appearance. The tail volume, instantly added many sexy temperament, came to get a prize, the minute pressure Yan ~ 2 "S" for the occasion: Eleven bangs hair appointments, friends banquet, shopping "S" bangs hair actually to bring out the best goddess temperament, curly hair charming draped. A delicate side face and thick elegant atmosphere, careful make small sexy machine without showing feelings not please come. ~相关的主题文章: