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Baby to mother infusion of ten note – Sohu health 1 in puncture operation for your baby, please help the head and leg restraint good baby, can take one constraint head, one knee restraint method, patient nursing staff to complete the puncture operation for your baby success. 2 after the successful operation of the puncture, please use the nursing position when you hold the baby, and appropriate restraint baby hands, so as not to pull out the needle baby. Do not touch the baby to the infusion site, so as to avoid the needle out of blood vessels, resulting in fluid infusion site. The liquid should be fixed at a distance of about 50 ~ 60cm of the puncture site, forming a certain water column pressure to prevent blood flow, plug the needle. 3 please follow the health care personnel education, timely adjustment of the baby infusion dripping speed, can not be adjusted too fast or too slow drop speed. 4 should always give the baby feeding or feeding. To feed the baby to raise the upper body, there are a small number of vomiting can be fed to prevent inhalation of the trachea leading to suffocation. 5 if your baby has a high fever, in order to reduce the body temperature, should be appropriate to reduce the parcel of bedding and clothing, in order to facilitate heat dissipation, and more warm water. 6 infusion process, the baby urine volume increased significantly, to promptly replace diapers. The baby in the process of getting sick need to get enough rest, do not let the baby over activity. The baby will be prohibited from the infusion area, observation is not conducive to the quality control of drugs and disease, and adverse event of transfusion reaction and chronic allergic reactions, will delay the rescue time, causing serious consequences. Let treasure in the process of getting sick need to get enough rest, do not Bao Baofei, face, when the input liquid is still 10~15 ml, please inform the nurse dressing change or needle. If the nurse did not arrive in time, please do not be nervous, first turn off the speed control valve, so that the air will not enter the body. Do not change their own liquid or needle, so as not to cause adverse consequences. And during the infusion, should maintain the puncture site and the infusion bottle mouth clean and sterile, close observation of the infusion site has no swelling, no needle movement, prolapse, loose plaster fixation, the liquid in the bottle has no empty and connections have no abnormal situation. If any of these conditions occur, please inform the nurse immediately or directly with the baby to the injection station. Baby, close observation of complexion, consciousness, the condition changes. As a result of chills or chills, and fever, the temperature rises to 3940 degrees Celsius, and accompanied by skin flushing, headache, indicating the transfusion reaction; such as skin redness, itching, urticaria, itchy throat, chest tightness, shortness of breath, indicating the allergic reaction. Immediately close the drip speed control valve, and inform the medical staff to deal with in a timely manner.相关的主题文章: