Bao accident in the number one killer – foreign body in the respiratory tract – Sohu maternal and ch huangshexiaoshuo

Bao an accident in the number one killer – – little maternal respiratory tract foreign body Sohu a peanut, is probably the number one killer of Bao an accident this year, raising baby really is a chore to bother…… In short, for this little, what to take, can accident so much, just waiting for you a negligence, bully the door, this time, that will bring you defense, is the number one killer — Bao an accident in the respiratory tract. To tell the truth, in peacetime life, the occurrence of respiratory tract foreign body treasure, or more common. Therefore, the timely discovery of the trachea has foreign body, it is very critical: lighter performance – treasure will cough, asthma, severe performance – treasure will immediately appear breathing difficulties, suffocation, and even death. The most terrible, or these foreign bodies, are hiding in the treasure side, especially melon seeds, beans, peanuts, toys, as long as one does not pay attention to, may lead to treasure tracheal blockage. Iridology, SO, Likeshi’s emergency law. The name, do not remember a mouthful, never mind, just know that this set of measures in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, airway is an important method to maintain airway patency, but also the basic technology in the family first aid. Small step by step to Baba Mama demonstration again: Treasure – under the age of 1, will treasure down and picked up the film, treasure back, the purpose is through the impact of airflow, the foreign body can be spit out treasure. Treasure – older – the treasure in her chest, one hand clenched, on the other hand on the fist, hands up to press in the treasure chest is hard…… Until the treasure spit out the foreign body. BUT, once these suggestions are then MEIZHE just rushed to the hospital. The prevention of this time, is that say how many times? It a few times, the repeated reminders, or to remind, after all, foreign bodies in the respiratory tract is the number one killer, once happened, really not good estimates of how much influence on treasure anyway, press the red warning standard, to guard against. 3 years of age, try not to eat peanuts, melon seeds and other nuts. Have you ever seen a 2 year old man with long teeth? The teeth are still trying to brush the sense of presence, protective reflex of the larynx is not perfect, which in case of not long eye nut, a little crooked heart, it is easy to damage to the treasure of the respiratory tract. OK, even if the treasure has been 3 years old, it doesn’t mean you can relax, especially when playing, don’t treasure, to coax him to eat a meal, the feeding habits of treasure image, must be stopped! Want to know, treasure a excitement, probably not to attend to food, in case of not completely chewing on swallowing into the respiratory tract? The airway blocking choke. Do not let the treasure into the habit of mouth with a small object, right, this is indeed his innate instinct, but it contains a lifetime? Bao grew up a little bit, Baba Mama must guide him to break the habit, or otherwise, with a mouth to play, may let slip into the respiratory tract foreign body. Many of these Baba mama said, all know, is not it? Those, just basic knowledge, must master, is the basic skills of caring treasure. These errors? There is no trick? Ah, treasure card to be fishbone, don’t be afraid to learn and don’t worry, ma.相关的主题文章: