Barcelona beware! 5 weeks has injured 6 star Messi white are caught-roxane hayward

Barcelona beware! 5 weeks has injured 6 star Messi white against the new season sina sports are caught Barcelona suffered a muscle injury since the start of the "muscle injury" swept Barcelona in the camp, in the past 5 weeks, a total of 6 Barcelona players because the muscle injury sidelined, Mei Xicheng as a "the latest victim". Last month, Messi was diagnosed with a left thigh groin discomfort. The match with Ma Jing, Messi left with an injury after a diagnosis of right leg adductor muscle tear, is expected to be absent for three weeks, will be missed with Gijon, Monchengladbach and CELTA game, will the absence of the two Argentina world cup. Messi missed the game "Marca" pointed out that the face into the hit "muscle injury", Barcelona needs attention. The following is the last 5 weeks, because of muscle injury absence of the Barcelona players. Iniesta because of the knee muscle injury, Iniesta also missed three weeks, missed the first round. Mathieu because the right hamstring muscle problem, Mathieu missed three weeks. Argentina international Mascherano has just recovered from a hamstring muscle injury, a week after he absent because of injury. Teershite because of knee muscle injury problems, teershite missed a week, it also allows direct staged Barcelona Xilai Sen debut. Umm Titi last week’s training session, Umm Titi suffered a knee injury, which also makes the first round of the game against the horse, the horse on the side of the game, but also for the first time in the first half of the game, the United States and the United states. Alba is not sure because of injury or other factors, Barcelona no official announcement, Alba absent for several days of training. (flat)相关的主题文章: