Because of De Boer’s split exposure inter coach has been selected as office-yuanmu

Because of De Boer’s split exposure inter coach has been selected as Leonardo took office is currently the most likely to succeed De Boer sina sports inter coach De Boer has no way out, in after losing the game, nearly 5 rounds of 4 inter swallow defeat, ranking immediately close to the relegation zone. Italy media said Milan have found good replacements, who coached Milan duo Leonardo. De Boer’s work is not recognized by the fans, he obviously can not help the tactical change in the short term to help inter. He also did not do a good job in the management of the dressing room, after the game today, he said that the players are not directly out of the spirit of the game. Although in the recent inter shareholder meetings, executives expressed understanding and support for the work of De Boer, but lost to the front row in the bottom fifth do not know whether to accept high sampdoria. According to Sky Sports and the Milan sports news, inter will give De Boer the last chance. The next round of the Nerazzurri will face the bottom Kroto Hei, if they cannot prove themselves, then De Boer will be fired. This is because the choice of time points after the game will usher in the offseason, Inter have plenty of time to change the work operation manager. Earlier reports said that Blanco would be a popular choice, but the latest news that Leonardo will become the new coach of Inter, because the former Inter President Moratti Ley recommended that. According to Italian media reports, there are two opinions within the inter division, the majority shareholder of Suning group to fire De Boer, chairman Thohir and CEO Bolingbroke supports the Dutch temporary stay. Brazilian Leonardo has served as coach of the two clubs in Milan and Inter, 2009-10 season, he took over in Milan, but at the end of the season, he resigned from office in the end of the year, but in the end of the season, he was in charge of the. By the end of 2010, he was appointed as inter coach, led the team to the 2010-11 season Italy cup champion, second Serie A. (Jane)相关的主题文章: