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Before 2000 the dream quest theatre of ancient Rome sound shocking mystery [eleven] – Sohu of Rome tourism Empire left the world countless wonders, which is located in Turkey city of Antalya in the Mediterranean Theater Aspan doss is by far the best preserved ruins of the ancient theatre of Rome. Because the sound effect is not inferior to the modern technology, the opera is still staged opera and concerts, many well-known singers to be able to hold a concert here and feel proud. Can accommodate 15000 people in the Aas Pandos theatre by the great arch technique in the design, the theater location is no longer like the ancient Greek theater that can only be built close to the mountains, and it turned out to be a young designer. When the emperor of Rome, Marco · Aurelius (Aurelius) is the daughter of marriage, is the man must be able to build a great building, one named Zenon young has built the ancient magic theatre. The unique acoustic design of the theater, even a silver coin, can be heard by the audience. The emperor heard clearly the designer in the center of the theater and companions whisper in the audience: "I hope the emperor can love, I really want to get the heart of the princess". Pay attention to the sculpture of the arrow. While Zenon win when another young built aqueducts country for Antalya (pictured above). Before 2000, the ancient Romans believed that the urban and housing supply system must be good, so each building a new city to build canals, pipeline are routinely buried underground, if you need to cross the canyon will build the magnificent diversion bridge. The emperor, who had no choice but to fulfill his promise, divided his daughter into two swords in order to be fair! When you enter the ancient theater, you can see a beautiful girl above the background is divided into two. In fact, Marco · Aurelius is not only the wisdom of the monarch, but also a very creative thinker, the representative of the works is the greatest ever since the great book "meditation". In the whole western civilization, Marco · Aurelius is also a rare Yin Jun, and has a special military leadership. Because he has launched a brutal torture and massacre of Christians, this story is likely to be fabricated later generations. The secret lies in the ancient theater magic sound pulse response, in order to enhance the sound reflection effect and spread to every corner of the theater, the designer in concave horizontal aisle after placed in a bronze cylinder can produce different vibration frequency. The cylinder on the vacant room on the concave wedge support, corresponding to different intervals of a resonance, on the stage of this sound will cause resonance frequencies to obtain the perfect sound effect. The three – story wall controls the visual effects of the performance. Originally, each terrace was supported by a huge stone column, which was said to have been moved to Istanbul to build the underground palace. Details of my journey to quest the mysterious evil Medusa snake demon imprisoned thousands of years house slaves waiting for the groundwater master at the bottom of the colonnade, and later the Empire of Rome 6相关的主题文章: