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Beijing citizens rare Beijing real sales said Buchoumai without selling is known as a barometer of the property market in Beijing autumn exhibitions exhibition opened in Beijing yesterday. Participating in the Beijing project is very few, and in order to fold the majority of villas category, the only one of the five rings in the project has reached 70 thousand square meters. Beijing project, tourism real estate will become the focus of the exhibition. Beijing rings only one project last year, you have seen this project, only 39 thousand, are now up to 70 thousand, too fast." Liu of the public from the beginning of last year, has been concerned about Beijing’s new project, and participated in more than 10 times the showings, looking at the house one day a price, he was glad at the beginning of this year to buy a set, unfortunately for my son did not buy the house. In the exhibition will turn a circle, Mr. Liu found that the disk can not afford to buy, Beijing project is good, most of the villa category, the commercial housing projects within the rings on this one." Mr. Liu said that the project is Fu Yi Park, formed in the spring of this year’s price is 50 thousand yuan square meters. Now the property market is not the same as the first half, the market in the sale of the project itself is also less. The 40 thousand or so when some buyers are still too expensive, now we still grab 70 thousand, from this period of arranging, arranging number and supply quantity has 3 to 1." The sales staff is not taboo. Beijing morning news reporter found that ordinary residential projects will be very few exhibitions, Huairou city project price reached 27 thousand yuan per square meter. We did not come to the real estate, mainly brand awareness, Beijing projects are not worried about selling, do not have to sell exhibitions." A sales staff said. Ring Beijing project since the second half of last year, the focus of attention, the Beijing property market up sound. Exhibitions, the project will also be subject to the attention of property buyers. "Really feel shy, too many people to ask, the brochure has been sent out." Hengda cultural tourism city sales staff apologized to the buyers, and recommended that interested parties can go to Zhongguancun hall for further understanding, "this project covers an area of 1500 acres, in simple terms is made in the city, if all lived, there were sixty thousand or seventy thousand people." In addition to Huailai, Guan, Xianghe, Beijing and other projects have attracted a lot of buyers to. The average price of 22 thousand yuan, are overlapping projects." A sales staff in Xianghe City, Yanjiao, Dachang "new source shortage", Xianghe therefore sought after by investors, "is basically every two months for a price adjustment." The concept of benefit from the second airports, Guan’s housing prices also rise directly to a high position". Beijing Morning Post reporter found a exhibitions this spring exhibition project price rose from 10 thousand yuan to 15 thousand yuan or so now. Most of the small Huxing investment passengers to buy, and now two bedroom rent can reach about $1500 per month, after the official use of the airport was second, prices, rents will rise." Sales staff revealed. Million yuan tourism real estate touted in the spring exhibitions "pin" Hainan tour again. Our project is located near Hainan, Clear Water Bay, the area has 57 square meters apartment, 95 square meters, etc., to consult the house quite a lot of people, prefer a small apartment of 57 square meters, the total price of less than $1 million." A sales staff of the Hainan exhibition said."相关的主题文章: