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Beijing difficult problem! The horse leg full of blood can not heal when the resurrection? Sohu (Sohu – Sports Sports exclusive articles is forbidden) November 18th Beijing time news, Stephen – Marbury some helpless, but tonight he played very hard, but the Guangsha small foreign aid Courtney fordsons the outwire three points too; plus the leg is still plagued horse political commissar, he did not heal 100%. Through the game can obviously see that the horse half received a play. 14 shots in 5 surrendered 16 points and 5 assists and 4 rebounds, is 40 years old when to resurrect? The Beijing team is a problem — tonight after a loss this season in the Wukesong streak was broken, and since the horse injured after 3 games, only 1 wins and 2 defeats. 5 wins and 3 losses, the first round of the Beijing team did not achieve the expected performance of the 8 round. The horse first played only 4 minutes and 47 seconds, and the first half only in the campaign into 1 record three points, did not complete the 1 threats of breakthrough. 4 points and 3 rebounds and 1 assists, apparently on horse leg still some fear, so as far as possible to avoid force. The first section of the horse to the team more performance opportunities, which help the Beijing team leader; but the section of the Beijing team’s offensive suddenly stalled, nobody stands out as a partial pressure, to reverse the situation guangsha. To the third day, Guangsha team has always maintained a lead. In the face of adversity or horse stood out, he made breakthrough in this section for a killer. See, every horse projecting forward step, are biting the back molars. A single 12 points and 2 assists, a real fight! Remember? Upload a photo of his Thursday horse acupuncture rehabilitation photos. The old horse, and the rest is the most important treatment. In general, behind 10 minutes into the distal, and also in the home court battle, Min Lulei usually in the fourth quarter at the beginning of school on the horse. But the horse until the distal played a while to debut, the points difference between the two teams have come to 15 points. The fourth day, the horse did not get 1 points and 1 assists. He had grabbed 1 offensive rebounds in the frontcourt, but not in the forced shot basket shell. The ball in front of him fall again, but this time the horse has no strength to pinqiang…… Maradona revealed before, his leg is not serious. But at least for now, there is no 100% recovery, it does have some impact on his competitive state. From the schedule, the Beijing team in 4 games for the rest of November, the overall strength of the opponent is not too strong, it will give the horse a chance to recover. Only a real recovery, the Beijing team to show the strength of the strongest. (Sohu sports exclusive manuscript is prohibited Reprint)相关的主题文章: