Being slapped back to school pupils today in Beijing mkdv-02

Being slapped back to school pupils today – Beijing         Guangzhou daily news (reporter Shen Hui) on Saturday, the Guangzhou Daily reporter reported a 12 year old student in Guangzhou Tianhe District for Dongpu after being slapped against the teacher don’t want to go to school after the incident, the Tianhe District Education Bureau attaches great importance, timely follow up the school immediately. According to press time reporter was informed that, in the school and parents persuasion, the students will go back to school today.         reporter previously reported, a Tianhe District the sixth grade a private school student Zhao Tai (a pseudonym) for no reason not to participate in the recess exercises, was the director of School of criticism, the two sides dispute, angry child fell teacup, caused the teacher slapped. The day of the incident, the school decided that the director has been severely criticized, and instructed the director at the time by telephone to the parents to explain the situation, expressed regret. After two days, the students put out, the night of November 12th, after the consent of the parents, the school principal and teacher initiative to students at home, parents and children to apologize again to persuade the child back to school as soon as possible. Through conversation communication, eliminating concerns children, promised to seriously study and discipline. Parents Mr. Zhao said, the child is willing to go back to school, also let him put down the heart of stone, he said with common education in school children.         Tianhe District Education Bureau relevant responsible person said, the next step, the District Education Bureau will continue to increase investment to support the development of private schools at the same time, strengthen the management and supervision of private schools to regulate the behavior, improve the overall level of private education.相关的主题文章: