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Hunan large network radio and television broadcast across the screen Hunan expressway is the first time in the country from September 30th afternoon, the Hunan expressway will usher in the National Day travel "exam", is the highway entrance to the total flow is 19 million 820 thousand times more than last year, an increase of about 25%. An increase of more than two digits, for all the high-speed (high-speed traffic, road maintenance, and service personnel, rescue personnel, repair etc.) means and started a war to ensure smooth". This year the National Day travel peak, Hunan expressway will be opened nationwide precedent to launch the "police media together, radio and television network cross screen linkage broadcast" large-scale real-time traffic broadcast activities, the Hunan Provincial Highway Administration (hereinafter referred to simplify the Executive Bureau), the Highway Police Bureau of Hunan province (hereinafter referred to as the provincial police bureau) joint Tencent Hunan Network 905, high-speed radio, net and Hunan city channel four media to implement cross screen broadcast real-time traffic timely release to the public of Hunan Expressway travel service information and traffic information. The police radio and television network media linkage, cross screen linkage broadcast high speed travel peak traffic and traffic information, is also the first time in the country. The country’s first high-speed travel information service new model 51 small holiday period, Tencent Hunan network joint 905 high-speed broadcasting in the country to open the road to the first large live mode. Two days of the live broadcast of a total of 2 million 170 thousand users attracted the attention of. The "51" holiday road live water, but also to the highway departments to bring enlightenment, therefore, the upcoming National Day holiday travel peak, the Provincial Executive Council and provincial police bureau linkage network, 905 high-speed Tencent Hunan Radio, net and Hunan city channel four media, traffic media integration across the screen high speed traffic accidents and live. It is understood that the police media together, radio and television network cross screen linkage broadcast "large-scale real-time traffic broadcast activities will set up 6 road live seats, respectively is the Provincial Executive Council monitoring command center, 905 high-speed radio broadcast, on-site traffic police on duty, police information collection vehicle, road patrol car accident scene and wrecker (with no machine). Which set up in the Provincial Executive Council monitoring center of the main play that live seats, in addition to the monitor screen can be real-time switching Hunan 6000 high-speed road monitoring signals, but also real-time switching on the road back to the cruise UAV real-time picture. The Provincial Executive Bureau monitoring center relevant responsible person said, the eleven live, through technological improvements, audio and video data will be the first time to return to the main broadcast area is located in Hunan province highway monitoring center. Real time picture 6000 road monitoring signal, the UAV return, plus the road traffic police, road wrecker rescue site signal and local signal, all of this information through radio, TV networks and other channels, to provide a full range of public peak hours in the high-speed travel three-dimensional travel service information, to better serve the public. A kind of innovation and pioneering work in this year’s Hunan highway two management services for high speed travel. Traffic violations and uncivilized behavior will be captured when the 7 day National Day holiday in implementing highway toll free policy for small passenger cars, many of our home town owners will choose to drive high speed or.相关的主题文章: