BMW men initiative approached enthusiastic woman fell into the trap-ppbox

"BMW" approached the initiative "enthusiastic female" fall into the trap of open luxury cars in the streets wearing watches, meet people who approached the initiative, the girls must when dessert. At noon on September 9th, Xuzhou Quanshan court hearing in the case of fraud, the two defendants are using this approach to the implementation of fraud. Jiamou and Cheng are Anhui Bengbu people, however, in January this year, they have been transformed into Hong kong. To this end, Jiamou two also rented a BMW car, wearing a fake brand-name watches, to their packaging, but they do so only one purpose, to get money. In the morning of January 19th this year, Jia, Cheng, a car in the city of Xuzhou wandering, encountered a girl walking alone Zhang, then approached the initiative approached. In Zhang trust, Jiamou also said he just to the mainland, bank card money was not removed, now in urgent need of money, want to borrow some money from Zhang, and promised to return soon. After the incident, the Xuzhou Police Online pursuit after July 6th, Jiamou and Cheng gave himself up, and returned to the 8000 yuan Zhang money. Subsequently, the two were indicted by the prosecution to the court of fraud. The court will choose a sentencing case!相关的主题文章: