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Boston University Phoenix talk: Sino American religious charity and famous experts, roundtable dialogue anthropology Boston University anthropology professor Robert Weller (source: Phoenix Buddhism) famous scholars of sociology Boston University sociology professor Nancy Ammerman (source: Phoenix Buddhism) Boston local time on September 9th at 3:30 in the afternoon, North American Buddhist delegation came to the Charles river the Boston University, and the study of religion and international affairs of Boston University culture, first-class scholars held the theme of "comparative perspective Chinese Buddhist charity Roundtable dialogue. China and the United States on the status of China’s Buddhist charity, the impact of the Internet on Contemporary Chinese religion and other issues of extensive exchanges. Boston University was founded in 1839, is a world-class academic reputation of private schools. The event by the phoenix culture, religion and Buddhism and the Boston University Institute of international affairs jointly organized a roundtable dialogue location · at the Boston University Frederic School of global studies; paddy. The famous anthropologist, Professor of anthropology at Boston University Robert Weller, the famous sociologist of Boston University social science professor Nancy Ammerman, a famous religious expert at the Boston University Religious Research Association of former president of Boston University religious studies professor Hughes, Southeast Asia expert JeremyMenchik, Wuhan stone Guanyin Temple abbot, Qinghai Beihai Temple Abbot master Yin Ming, Confucius, Dean of Columbia University School of China Renmin University of China International Center for Buddhist Studies director Professor Wei Dedong, Information Center Director Cui Mingchen, attended the meeting. The roundtable dialogue is hosted by Robert, an anthropology professor at Boston University, and Professor Weller has a very in-depth study of Chinese religion and charity in the Weller. In his dialogue, he first shared some data of Chinese Buddhist charity, and pointed out the important position and contribution of Buddhism in Chinese religious charity. Phoenix Network Information Center Director Cui Mingchen introduced in the conversation of the Phoenix cultural pursuit and media value. She said: phoenix new media was founded in 1998, is a cross platform network of new media company, in 2001 the world’s leading Internet media, founded the first Buddhist professional channel, which is the originator of contemporary mass media Chinese Buddhist culture. As the industry’s first media brand, Phoenix Buddhism since its establishment, has always insisted on the four characteristics of media, internationalization, social responsibility and humanistic care, the media always maintain the objectivity, independence and freedom of personality, China dream, embrace the era. Phoenix Buddhist delegation visited many countries and regions, but this is the first time came to North America, and look forward to strengthening American religious circles and academic exchanges and cooperation, to better undertake the mission entrusted by the times of Buddhist media, the Buddha’s mercy spirit spread to the public. At the same time, the spread and integration of Buddhism in the United States, full of expectations.   Professor Hughes discusses giving position and significance in the Buddhist Prajna in six, and stressed that between wisdom and giving!相关的主题文章: