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Business A business letterhead is mainly a brand tool that forms a vital part of your business. It is considered to be the legal document of your .pany. LETTERHEAD LAYOUT The important point to be kept in mind while designing a letterhead layout is what should it be .posed of viz. colors, fonts, paper stocks & printing method. Significance of these elements – Color In order to get your letterhead noticed, color it appropriately. Use colors to emphasize your marketing message. But to keep it cost effective, there must be no multicolor usage. Paper stock Generally "bond paper" is used for letterhead printing. You can also go for textured paper. Font size Readability is important so that the message of your .pany is quite clear to everyone. Ensure that the font size is big enough so that it is readable by everyone. Also make sure that all the spellings are correct. Logos Logos are very important & must be displayed on the letterhead. Logos must represent & be relevant with the values, core .petencies & the philosophy of the .pany. It must be very unique, so that people may easily familiarize your .pany with that symbol. Contact details It is extremely important to mention your .pany’s contact details. Besides your .pany’s name, the phone number, email address, and fax number must be clearly printed. Then only can you get more clients which are essential for the expansion of your business. Also you need to ensure that the information on your letterhead is up to date. Printing letterheads When it .es to gaining the reputation & confidence of your clients, it all depends on your presentation. Investment in letterhead printing ensures credibility. Printing plays a very important role in maintaining the quality of your letterhead. You need to make letterheads with flawless designs. Quality of print must be good enough to match with the client’s anticipation. USES It is important from a business perspective since it can change the way you do your business. It creates your brand image among other .peting corporate entities and will enhance your professionalism. It will help you to gain the confidence of your client & will help you to retain them. Your brand will also receive additional exposure. A business letterhead is used to send letters across other business organizations, to send business proposals, for making appointments, quotations, purchasing inventory etc. It is a powerful tool, as any other legal document. For example, if a .pany’s CEO or head has to make any announcement or any change in the policy matters, it will be via the letterhead only, because once it is written on the letterhead it the final verdict of .pany’s policy matters. So it is important to design an effective business letter head. The most important thing that you have to maintain in your letterhead is the preciseness of information, and graphics of excellent quality. Keep all these factors in mind before designing your business letterhead. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: