By the agency Jiancang holiday in Wanfeng auto assault or is the main reason-onavo protect

By the agency Jiancang holiday in Wanfeng auto assault or sina finance is the main cause of App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money original title: Wanfeng auto holiday approaching institutions to lighten up the company’s main business is the production and sales of automobile and motorcycle Aluminum Alloy car wheel, production and sales and exports in China the top three. A subsidiary of Mairuiding has 20 years of experience in die casting magnesium alloy, magnesium alloy products, especially the design of magnesium alloy parts production and market development of leading international counterparts. News side, the company announced the evening of 27, intends to invest in cash after the euro (after tax) acquisition of holdings of minority shareholders held a minority stake in DEG, after the completion of the acquisition of the company will be wholly owned Wan Feng wheel. Wanfeng wheel in 2015 net profit of 135 million yuan, the acquisition price of only about $44 million of equity, and is expected to thickening of the parent company net profit of up to $about 30000000 per year is expected to reach $25%. Two on the secondary market, the stock opened higher yesterday, closing at the limit, the closing face selling pressure, turnover of 8002 hand, failed to seal plate. All day long exchange rate 1.69%. Charts show the five buy seats bought a total of 272 million 263 thousand and 800 yuan, accounting for 53.39% of turnover, is the securities business department. Five sell seats sold a total of $126 million 203 thousand, accounting for 24.75% of turnover, in addition to the first, the top three seats are securities business department, the rest are institutional investors. Comment: the National Day holiday approaching, institutions should be late assault to lighten up, to prevent risks caused by holiday. The company’s fundamentals are good, it is appropriate to do long-term investment, can be stepped back into the average after intervention. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: