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Call the overwhelming! The old man must draw four big tree roots masterpiece (Photos) – Beijing roots works of Sichuan Luzhou news network September 21st news (reporter Yue Dong photo coverage) "painting roots, unheard of." "Well, really is" no to those with no predecessors. "." Today (21) days, the Sichuan news network reporter in Luzhou folk art exhibition, saw a lot of experts, people are on the tree, the roots shall be four masterpiece masterpiece by art. Here on display in addition to roots of painting, as well as the Yangtze River stone, wood, cloth, copper art, paper-cut, calligraphy and painting works of folk art 173, is brilliant, attracted a large number of people came to watch. Draw the four roots of the one and only masterpiece "no ink, all with the roots of painting, the first time I see. Worthwhile trip!" Public Chow told Sichuan news network reporter, and painted the "Three Kingdoms", "Water Margin" and "a dream of Red Mansions" journey to the west "four great classical masterpiece of the essence of the story, eye-opening people. The scene of a seven year old man, was introduced to the audience, "every painting is 9 meters long, 0.45 meters wide. A total of four copies of the 561 paintings, the 6734 men. Each painting shows a vivid scene in the novel……." After asking the man named Shaw high, 72 year old, four masterpiece and the roots for his late father’s works. Xiao Tigao introduced his father roots paintings "my father Nianran Shaw, in 2008 he was 92 years old when the late." Xiao Tigao, is the father of the trade union staff Zigong saltworks, childhood love of literature, drawing more time after retirement, and then focused on the creation of root. In the 70 year old Xiao Nianran, with innovative roots to this painting, a painting is 30 years. Xiao Nianran painted the roots of "journey to the west" page "the roots of home, and then washed dry after cooking, some as thin as hair, some is the grassroots, according to the need for painting and writing." Xiao Tigao told the Sichuan news network reporter, father painting was first conceived in the brain, the paper first coated with glue, and then select the roots according to the shape of stick, finally with a small hammer gently tap. "Every picture, every word is coherent, as children admire the spirit of the elderly." Xiao Gao said that it was inspired by the spirit of his father, he also focused on children’s literature in 2009, in his own prose in 2012, the last ray of sunshine childhood Bing Xin children’s literature award. It is understood that a few years ago, Shaw high articles to father roots exhibited all over the world, by the Chinese and foreign visitors repeatedly said that. People’s Daily Overseas Edition reported in July 1, 2005: the picture composition is rigorous, complex and not chaos, thousands of people in the painting, different expressions, lifelike. Especially the character’s facial expression, clothing wrinkles, through as thin as hair roots and vividly demonstrated, it is said never. The old man can make painstaking efforts for the one and only." Luzhou folk art folk art exhibition to carry forward the traditional culture in colorful folk art exhibition site, Sichuan news network reporter also saw a large altar, small rain dragon stone carving art, copper art,.相关的主题文章: