Canon 5D4 release 30 million 400 thousand pixels priced at $

Canon 5D4 release: 30 million 400 thousand pixels priced at $26599 Phoenix technology news on August 25th, according to the rhythm of Canon 5D series of general update cycle is about 3 years. But perhaps the 5D3 market has a very high confidence, Canon chose in 4 years now, but after the Olympic Games at the end of August the launch of the EOS 5D Mark IV. A star for the Canon 5D4 platform conference 65 as well as Gao Xiaosong, Chen Kun, Chen Man, Wang Luodan and other stars to the site. Canon 5D4 is equipped with a 30 million 400 thousand pixel full frame CMOS image sensor, with 61 point high density reticular array AF II automatic focusing system. 5D4 finally began to support 4K video capture, for film makers, this is a very important upgrade. At the same time, 5D4 is also equipped with touch screen, easy to touch focus and other operations. Canon Chinese chairman and CEO Ozawa Hideki Canon 5D4 with RAW optimization technology full pixel dual core, including resolution compensation, reduce ghosting, sense of virtual offset three functions. In addition, 5D4 supports a 7 second high-speed continuous shooting, the highest 32000 sensitivity and direct Wi-Fi function. Ogawa Ito, executive vice president of Canon China, 5D Series in the Chinese market sales in the world’s first place, accounting for 42%. He said that Canon will be held in more than and 200 cities across the country under the line 5D4 close contact. Ogawa Ito announced that 5D4 will be synchronized in September 8th, the market price of the aircraft in the Tmall flagship store was raised to 26599 yuan.相关的主题文章: