CCTV Wu Lei don’t want the native first domestic players to be more active (video)

CCTV: Wu Lei don’t want the native first domestic players to be more active [] report on the Hong Kong 0-0 Hengda GalAT lost Zheng Zhizhong September 24th Beijing sports Tencent lintel 19:35, 2016 in the twenty-sixth round, the Hong Kong Shanghai 0-0 draw with Guangzhou Hengda home court. CCTV live broadcast of the game, Hong Gang and Gong Lei made wonderful commentary. Comment on the Hong Kong Hong steel play, "the Hong Kong Court mainly rely on Wu Lei, hulk and Yu Hai that only a few players, not to put too much strength." Hung steel Hulk spoke excellent physical condition, "Hulk body confrontation ability is very strong, and thus he is known as the green giant. The Hong Kong front with Hulk, also can alleviate the pressure of team defense." Gong Lei Yu Hai play, "Yu Hai position equivalent to 9 and a half on the court, behind the offensive end in the Hulk." Hengda road and Hong Kong draw hung steel about Li Xuepeng back injury impact, "Li Xuepeng after the end, Evra switched to the right, it also brings great pressure to Hengda left back Chen Zepeng." A wonderful man Hulk biography, Gong Lei also made quite appreciated, "the ball Hulk running out of 3 players, with the change of rhythm and get rid of false action. The arrival of a lot of high-level foreign aid, but also to bring a lot of super aspect." Gong Lei Hengda offensive weapon, "if Hengda on offense, and he used to play more Fu Huan this side, caused great pressure to 2 young players." The two teams are about hung steel must not be lost, "the Hong Kong court playing hard, Hengda has a top pressure on Hong Kong, but greater pressure, they need to ensure that into the next season AFC Champions League." In stoppage time, Hengda penalty, Yan Junling GalAT surgeon kick was blocked by two commentary comment, "before Junling had saved a penalty". Hong steel on Fu Huan’s play to comment, you can see that the presence of all the attention of the Fu Huan on the defensive side, the current capacity is enough." Hong Liu Dian talks about the problem of steel seat, "Liu Dianzuo in handling the high, out of the furnace and the success rate, there are still risks." The evaluation for the sea Gong Lei high, "Yu Hai in the distance and velocity is very good, after the start frequency is relatively large, spring is relatively good". Gong Lei talked about the cruelty of the game, the two sides played very directly on the field, focusing on penetration and straight pass behind, for the defense of the physical strength and strength, but also a big test." With the deepening of the game, Gong Lei pointed out that Hong Kong’s defense is difficult to resist the Hengda attack, "Hong Kong’s defense appeared loose, two ribs of the space has become more and more". Two commentary about Wu Lei, Wu Lei need to adjust their mentality, he needs to seize the opportunity in the Asian Games in the top 12. The foot at the next Syria home court, home court combat situations more intense desire. Wu Lei don’t always think of yourself is the first super local striker, on the back of this burden, have an impact on his play and finishing touches." Two explain the feeling again the strong ability of Hulk, "although only by one person is not playing to win, but the Hulk’s personal ability is too strong, which belongs to the fight of the year when the world’s top players. Super high strength相关的主题文章: