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Central fund: market downturn after the expected marginal improvement is worth looking forward to – fund channel last week, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 1.03%, the gem index rose 0.56%, Shenzhen Component Index rose 1.49%%, stock index continued sideways, amplitude narrowing. During the period of stock index hit a 14 year low amplitude, the amplitude of the Shenzhen Component Index hit a new low for the year. In the three major indexes of low amplitude turns staged pattern, market sentiment further freeze. Over the past two weeks, the world’s major central bank meetings have come to an end. The Fed on schedule while short-term interest rates temporarily halt the troops and wait, disturbance of fall, but the year probability of rate hikes increased sharply. At the same time, other central banks also showed loose pause, wait-and-see attitude. September 8th, the European Central Bank meeting on interest rates announced the maintenance of the three interest rates unchanged, easing less than expected. September 21st the Bank of Japan also did not cut interest rates, but the stimulus has shifted from the expansion of the money supply to use the yield curve to control the launch of the new QQE implies that monetary policy from a loose to neutral. Since the G20, the global easing pause, considering the convergence of monetary policy in the future monetary policy and the weight of the advance, the global liquidity is gradually emerging local inflection point. From the domestic situation, monetary policy faces a dilemma choice. On the one hand, on the supply side structural reforms and maintain steady economic growth demands, the need for a more relaxed liquidity environment; on the other hand, entity investment returns low, liquidity is difficult to effectively release off the virtual reality, but in all kinds of assets idle rotation, especially sharply this year a second tier hot city soaring prices, in the suppression of asset price bubbles under the demands of monetary policy tightening. Therefore, although the overall money market is still maintained at a loose level, but the market is expected to begin to change. This week is the last week before the holiday, but also the last few trading days in the three quarter. Central European fund that investors can focus on several important events in the fourth quarter, such as the Italy referendum, the U.S. general election and the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates and other events. In the A stock market, is expected before the popularity may still in the doldrums, but active investors may consider appropriate to increase the proportion of equity assets, after all the index down space is limited, after the expected marginal improvement is worth looking forward to.相关的主题文章: