Changchun announced the eleven golden week duty call gamelink

Changchun announced "eleven" during the golden week phone Chinese Jilin Reuters reporter Wang Xiaoye   29, Changchun city mayor’s public telephone office announced the "eleven" during the golden week, Changchun "12345" phone. The details are as follows: Changchun city mayor’s public telephone 12345 Chaoyang District government public telephone 85112345 Nanguan District government public telephone 85212345 government wide city public telephone 82712345 two district government public telephone 84612345 government Lvyuan public telephone 87912345 Economic Development Zone Ecological Tourism Resort District public telephone 84623898 Changchun public telephone 85542418 Jingyue Development Zone public telephone 84512345 car economy technology zone 81501102 Lotus Hill 89687925 FAW Group Supervision telephone number 85900000   85771234 municipal government Yushu public telephone 83612345 Nong’an county government public telephone 83212345 Dehui municipal government public Call 87212345 nine district government public telephone government 82312345 Shuangyang District public telephone 84212345, 12315 Industrial and Commercial Bureau City Bureau of human resources and Social Security Bureau 12319 12333 city public environmental sanitation bureau 85292110 Municipal Public Security Bureau 88907430   the Municipal Transportation Bureau 88974571 Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau 12369 Gas Co 96660 natural gas company 96699 power supply company 95598 city heating Office 12319 heating 89682678 heating group with 88910074 Xin heat 88766925 water group 89812345 bus group 88972475 Kyrgyzstan media customer service hotline 96633 China Telecom customer service hotline 10000 new UniCom customer service hotline 10010 China Mobile customer service hotline 10086 Changchun City Tourism Advisory Service Center 88775670相关的主题文章: