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A Changsha takeaway black workshop hiding residential garage diners mostly college students original title: takeaway black workshop hiding garage and miscellaneous house mostly surrounding students diners law enforcement departments yesterday closed down 3 Changsha evening news yesterday, Tianxin District food and Drug Administration and other departments, to carry out remediation actions in the black workshop takeaway Tianxin District the source agency area, shutting down black workshop 3, seized part of production tools. "Who dare to close my things, I’ll cut your finger." Zhang Bo took a knife, towards to joint law enforcement remediation shouted. Behind him was a dirty, greasy wall. A piece of debris piled on the board, a variety of seasoning ingredients on the packaging of a layer of oil. Liquefier stove pot, spoon soaked in floating grease wastewater, fly in a variety of food, food processing apparatus on the fly to dance. Even when the law enforcement officers walked into the place, his own initiative will be two large pieces of meat thrown into the garbage can. This is a ten square meters of food production sites, located in Tianxin District 9 building lanyuan. The location of the residential buildings and the garage floor of the complex. Zhang Bo saw its accessibility and rental expenses in such an economy, does not have the production conditions of dining venues, undocumented, making Rice with Stewed Pork and various food cart vendors. Nearby residents said Lee, a telephone, you can have the room door, people can not see how health conditions. Room service business is particularly good, one day can sell hundreds of copies. Reporters learned that, in the District, there are more than and 50 peaks of such a restaurant black workshop, there are currently 37. This area is concentrated food black workshop, because the district is located in the Hunan Radio&TV University, Central South University Railway Campus and Central South University of forestry and technology, around more than 50 thousand students are the main customer groups. For joint law enforcement was blocked, Wen source community Secretary Li Na also somewhat helpless. She told reporters that the district does not have Property Management Company, no owners committee, the majority of owners will rent the garage. The tenant is basically a takeaway food producer, both inside the food processing, the family still live in it. Liquefied petroleum gas and other flammable and explosive goods, harsh environment of processed food, there are security risks. All kinds of sewage and garbage produced by processing food can not be discharged normally, and the environment is severely damaged. In April this year, the community issued a rectification notice, requiring the black workshop shut down, move away, but also to carry out the three or four law enforcement action, the operator promised on the spot every time, but the second day and business as usual, with little success. (Changsha evening news reporter Zhou Huixia) video recommendation: network ordering shady: Black workshop of college students from a smelly food monopoly hair相关的主题文章: