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Changsha engraving market chaos   Shu Lou Sike seal ads everywhere – Hunan channel — a university wall, filled with a permit number. Hang the Changsha Municipal Public Security Bureau official seal of the production unit of the brand seal unit, the reporter asked to cut the Department chapter, do not view data. Changsha evening news reporter Liu Jun was taken into the big semester this semester, not preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, he began to pay attention to the problem of employment in the early years of Li Tongxue. A senior told him, want to find a good job, the best early to prepare some honorary certificate, "the job some heart bottom." But the performance and the results are very general Lee students where what certificate? Seniors tell a secret, a Chapter carved shop, engraved with two pieces of fake seal: a school, a school, you can "self-help" Zhang Rongyu certificate. "He vowed that many students are doing. Seal really can be carved in the past few days, the reporter conducted a survey, the results were surprising: Changsha street, part of the Chapter carved shop does not need to provide any proof of the material can be engraved seal. "As long as you are willing to pay, I can give you the chapter of the United nations." A Sike seal practitioners say. A reporter visited a seal only 15 minutes to complete the reporter came to Zhongshan Road on a seal shop. There is a sign outside the shop: Changsha City Public Security Bureau designated seal production units. There are several staff in the store. Reporters have carved a department official, a clerk immediately took out a no engraved seal to the reporter saw the texture is blank, high-grade, not so expensive that moment. "Are you going to cut the radish chapter." The clerk said, while taking out another chapter: 50 yuan." Then told reporters to seal imprint, the reporter said no. "Then you write down what you want to write." The clerk said as he took out a stack of paper. Reporters write down a name. The staff does not have to be made to see the material to another staff into the chamber to seal. When such engraved chapter, a reporter observed, in addition to the chop shop engraved chapter, also produced the honor certificate and plaque hanging on the wall frame, business license, should be a regular stamp shop. The reporter to observe and store and chat up. From the owner of the mouth, the reporter learned that Changsha stamp market can be divided into 4 parts: the facade of the regular shop, mobile stalls, typing photocopying shop and specialized small ads posted to contact the business of the "black". 15 minutes later, the reporter to seal carved out. When reporters want to pay in the store can be a receipt or receipt. "This money you can through other ways to solve, we do not open an invoice, nor a receipt." The owner said. Reporters said there is no other way to solve the funding, the owner said the words with words, the reporter came to Chapter engraved, he did not test the reporter’s documents. Sike seal ads everywhere "engraved chapter, 17186742× × ×" "engraved chapter rush, 13562867× × ×" in Changsha Street)相关的主题文章: