Charlie Sheen – Man In Need Of Love-sorpack

UnCategorized You could say he has it all, good looks, famous family, money, fame and fortune. He has everything, but love for himself. Look at his relationship track record. In 1990 he is said to have accidently shot his fiance, actor Kelly Preston in the arm. In 1997 he is said to have roughed up his girl friend Brittany Ashland. His first marriage, to actor Donna Peele in 1995, lasted one year. His second marriage, to actor Denise Richards in 2002 lasted four years and they have two daughters. Over Christmas 2009, he is accused of threatening his current wife of one year, Brooke Mueller when she threatened to divorce him and take their 9 month old twin boys. Looking at Charlie Sheen’s public record, you could say that he has an anger problem and especially toward women. Does he have a love-hate relationship with women? Having never met him in person we don’t know. It is ironic that on his very popular TV show, "Two and One-Half Men," he plays a man who cannot have a lasting relationship with women. However, in the TV series, his character seems to know he has a problem but is clueless of what to do about it. Is this art imitating life, or life imitating art? Charlie Sheen is by no means alone in openly displaying difficulties in relationships. Unfortunately we see it all the time among famous couples and we know that it happens to thousands, if not millions of ordinary couples, in our home towns. It is all Charlie’s fault? Is it the fault of the way Charlie was raised as a child? Is it society’s fault for promoting and accepting shallow relationships? There is little to gain by focusing on fault. The important question is what does Charlie and everyone else in this situation do about it? This is not about men, women, looks, family, money or fame. It is about self-love. Either you have it or you don’t. If you have a healthy self-esteem you are not threatened by others that disagree with you. When you love yourself, anger is not neccessary because you have a deeper sense of satisfaction and peace. When you see value in yourself and you have a solid appreciation of what you bring to our world, it is easy for you to love and value others. This is much more fun and rewarding! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: