Chen Baosheng to create a new network of educational reform and development of ecological quality in xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

Chen Baosheng: create the education reform and development of ecological integrity fair quality Beijing correctly judge the situation scientific grasp of the law clear mission to create a delicate gas is the quality of education reform and development of ecological justice before the party secretary of the Ministry of education minister Chen Baosheng special report on deepening the reform of educational supervision and the Tenth National Working Conference on inspector appointment from the current development of education in China, the basic situation of judgment, the new historical stage of China’s education is facing the main tasks and priorities, restricting the development of educational reform difficulty and how to do the work of educational supervision perspective on the current and future period of China’s education development overall mentality and participants conducted in-depth exchanges. He stressed that education in our country from quantity growth, the scale expansion of the development stage to improve quality, to promote fair and improve the environment, optimize the structure of the main features of the new stage of development, should be based on the basic realization of modernization of education, the construction of socialist education power, need concerted efforts to create a system of education, education the reform and development of the ecological integrity of fair quality. To judge the situation, to look at the two listen to the three want to listen to the views of all aspects of the comprehensive reflection. Judging the current situation of the development of education in China, the stage of education, I think, through six aspects." In the report, Chen Baosheng used the "six views" to vividly sum up the six dimensions of judging the development of education. First, look back, mainly to see how the current level of education development is how we achieve. Since the reform and opening up, China’s education has made great progress. At present, has been established to meet the needs of China’s economic and social development of the education management system, education development level has reached the level of development in high income countries, the education of our country is gradually moving towards the world education center. The number of growth at the same time, steadily improving the quality of education, play an increasingly important role in international education exchanges and cooperation, and gradually achieve the right of discourse, the rule making power, has been steadily rising in developing countries and Eastern European countries influence. Two is to look forward to, mainly to see the goal of education development. Eighteen years, general secretary Xi Jinping proposed a series of new ideas and new ideas for the development of education. Whether it is the central of our country based on the two century of goals and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the well-off decisive victory put forward in 2020 the basic realization of the goal of educational modernization, or "double top" construction goal, to provide talent support and intellectual support for the construction of an innovative country, guarantee the education fair, do the people satisfied with the education. To sum up, the development of education is the goal of education from the country to a powerful country in education. The three is to look inward, mainly to see the stage characteristics of China’s economic and social development. Now China is in the fully completed the decisive stage of a well-off society, which is the most fundamental characteristics. A major transition period a crucial period of deepening the reform in the period of social transformation, and the layout, structure, energy, only in-depth study of domestic development of economy and society, in order to develop the education development strategy, policy and reform program right. The four is to look outside, mainly to see the international environment for education development, the challenges of the new global technology revolution to education. "The Belt and Road" to highlight the logo, China is.相关的主题文章: