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Chen Julian: the barber of love in the silent world love – public channel in September 7, ordinary alleys, homely fare, nearly 10 years a humble small barber shop is out of more than 230 deaf apprentice; leniency, sign language arts, an ordinary "mother" in the silent in a world with love light in a "mood". The story touched many users is the heroine of Xiushui County of Jiangxi Province love Barber – Chen Julian. 10 years of free training more than 230 deaf apprentice Chen Julian (right) in the shop to guide the apprentice Guo Binghua (left) barber. Face kindly, wide body body fat, hair smooth and clean. Chen Julian is a 54 year old Xiushui County of Jiangxi province "in the mood for love" the barber shop owner, but also many deaf apprentice master and mother "". The barber shop is located in the East Xiushui, at a glance and even some shabby, printing sign several cracks, the narrow store stocked with only some simple barber facilities. More than and 20 years ago, Chen Julian was a coach at a hair arts training center in Shenzhen. In the teaching process, there are often deaf to the training center. To this end, Chen Julian deliberately spent half a year to learn sign language. In 2007, Chen Julian returned home to open a barber shop in xiushui. Just when she had a friend’s child is a deaf mute, that Chen chrysanthemum will sign language, the child will be sent to the barber shop as an apprentice. A mass ten, ten hundred, Chen Julian free to teach the deaf hair message gradually spread out, in addition to the local area, Nanchang Xiushui, Jiujiang area has a deaf people to learn. Originally intended to do a few years and then return to Shenzhen to make money, but look at this group of children in the mood of the moment, Chen Julian how can not give up this heart. "The money over there is good, but I can’t go back." She said. Ten years, Chen Julian not only saved about one hundred thousand savings before put in, even the clothes are father and sister to help buy, wall stucco, wire installation is completed, still operating at a loss; ten years, she not only gave up dancing, playing table tennis and other hobbies, but also because of suffering from overwork hypertension, almost lost their lives due to subarachnoid hemorrhage. But she said: "it is difficult to be sure, otherwise people will ask you for help? Here I am, my child." It turned out that her way to overcome the difficulty is to treat them as their own children". In the care of Chen Julian, a group of deaf youth learn skills, to start a new life. The 25 year old Yan Jingwen is one of Chen Julian’s apprentice, then open the barber shop in the town of Jiangxi Bei Xiang, the current monthly income of 5000 yuan. Teach craft more Khalid ents haircut customers through sign language to Chen Julian (right) and thank the apprentice. The 30 year old Guo Binghua is another apprentice Chen Julian, in the shop has been able to take charge as chief of. Just three years ago, he was a "parental heart": not only proficiency in a particular line also learned to smoke and drink, and has a stubborn temper, even his parents had nothing to do with him. After Chen Ju joined hands, he was strict with these bad habits. One night, Guo Binghua supper drink, Chen Julian after that when the agency相关的主题文章: