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Children colic: not the sooner the better operation! – Sohu when you find a baby crying baby, thigh root on a package, parents can not be careless, it is likely to be inguinal hernia! So how did this happen? Need not be treated? The "healthy growth" Ma Ma invited Beijing Children’s Hospital, Beijing kangaroo pediatric department of general surgery of children’s Hospital of Eastern super expert Qiu Xiaohong to introduce the relevant knowledge of inguinal hernia. Qiu Xiaohong, special expert, doctor of medicine, Beijing Children’s Hospital, children’s Hospital of Eastern Beijing, chief physician. Good at common diseases, diagnosis and treatment of pediatric surgery such as inguinal hernia, hydrocele, cryptorchidism, phimosis, congenital choledochal cyst, congenital anal atresia and fistula, anus and perineum infection formed fistula, congenital megacolon, intestinal duplication, Meckel’s diverticulum, umbilical malformation, neck fistula and cyst). Video link: 1, inguinal hernia is how to cause? Hernia, abdominal refers to normal organs or tissues, through the abdominal wall defect and weak points or cracks protruding from the abdominal inguinal, tissue protruding, called inguinal hernia. Inguinal hernia is a congenital disease, many baby abdominal wall caused by abnormal development, can occur at birth, also can be in after the birth of a few months, even years later. Patients of inguinal hernia in children, boys are more than girls, boys accounted for about 80% to 90%, it has a great relationship with the boy’s special physiological structure. In the fetal period, the spermatic cord and testis of male baby is in abdominal cavity, began to decline from the 3 months of pregnancy, pregnancy in May about the arrival of abdominal ring, peritoneal began to protrude into the peritoneal scabbard, spermatic and testis as it fell to the scrotum. After the baby is born, under normal circumstances, the vaginal process should be completely closed. If the scabbard is not closed, and the defect is large, intra-abdominal tissue or organ, such as bowel, omentum, scrotum or inguinal will protrude into the labia majora and other parts, the formation of a hernia. If the processus defect is small, only a few millimeters, only the liquid can pass processus flow into the scrotum to form a water bag, called hydrocele. 2, how to distinguish between the hernia and hydrocele? If the parents found the baby in the scrotum, scrotal mass or above the bulging, the child crying was quiet after the mass will slowly disappear, or parents in touch and press it when it disappeared, calm down, this is the inguinal hernia. If it is a soft, cystic mass wrapped in a liquid, sometimes big, sometimes small, hand massage will not disappear, it belongs to the hydrocele. 3, must be a hernia surgery? The baby was born two or three months and even found a hernia, don’t be too nervous. If the baby gently massage or a quiet state, masses can disappear slowly, generally do not need to worry the hernia surgery. Usually in children six months or a year, with the healing of scabbard, hernia may heal. If the baby is still a year after the regular相关的主题文章: