China City Football League quarter finals champions qualify for the new born opponents –

China City Football League quarter finals champion Rick promotion rivals – birth Beijing new network in Beijing in September 13, the reporter learned from the organizers of the event, Chinese city football league tournament in Shandong last weekend in Jining to continue the war. Ji’nan Xin from United beat Linfen 3:0 good Chengle Yao, first entered the top 8; champion favorite Hangzhou Angus and Wuhan cup respectively by 5:1 and 5:2 score in the Changsha polar sports and Guangzhou T8, head cut; while defending champion Tangshan green was stable, 2:1 victory over the Xi’an team eight water firtec strong. Ji’nan Xin played from the first United against the Shandong team Linfen team, good music. In the sound of music, the two teams in hand pennants and five judges under the guidance of small children to admission. According to the event introduce a sense of ritual "is one of the China City Football League very stressed elements will be in accordance with the standard of super complete parade, the flag raising ceremony before every game, after the game the players will also lined up to shake hands. In the game, the Ji’nan team soon kicks with the opportunity to break the deadlock; and the most dramatic scene appeared in the second half, Linfen defender Bigfoot in the forbidden area siege, but the ball hit the Ji’nan captain Liu who scored his own goal rebound?. Eventually, the Ji’nan team 3:0 victory over Linfen, got the first 8 places. Sponsor for map. It is understood that the game China City Football League has 6 referees, in addition to the referee and 2 linesmen and fourth officials, as well as 2 line referee, this is in no new law enforcement system to implement the goal is to ensure that the game fair and smooth. The general manager of the famous international tournament, Hao Haidong said that the City Football League a very important purpose, is to guide the community and the people to establish a folk football system and culture, through the normalization to influence more people football on the right path. In the other match, Hangzhou Engelhard performed well, 5:1 in the Changsha polar sports team; Tangshan green 2:1 beat Xi’an eight water firtec team. The performance of the team, expressed regret has participated in the second game of the Xi’an team leader: "we in the Xi’an amateur game, this is our team in the amateur game, everyone is a part-time job, usually work together, weekend training and competition. Strong opponent, I hope we can play better next year!" This weekend, Chinese City Football League will begin eight knockout competition, CCTV5+ sports channel will continue at every weekend morning 10 am and 2 pm the high standard amateur soccer tournament. (end)相关的主题文章: