China effective protection of traditional villages in 4157 villages in the traditional village

China effective protection of traditional villages in 4157 villages in the traditional village Directory – Beijing, Beijing, October 14 Liping Xinhua (reporter Liu Peng) Chinese housing and urban construction department chief economist Zhao Hui at the second session of the 2016 Qiandongnan summit China traditional village? "Said the opening ceremony, Chinese traditional village protection has significant effect the traditional village, the rapid disappearance of the situation has been checked, a lot of old and endangered cultural heritage preservation and restoration of traditional villages, the villagers’ production and living conditions improved. Zhao Hui said that the list of fourth batches of Chinese traditional village list will be announced in the near future, will add more than 1602 villages, combined with the first three batches of the 2555, the traditional Chinese village will reach 4157. Marking China has formed the world’s largest, the most valuable content and value, the protection of the most complete, living heritage of the essence of the protection of agricultural civilization. China traditional villages reflect the agricultural civilization of rural social life, is an important part of Chinese traditional architectural essence, embodies a kind of people live in harmony with nature and the cultural essence of memory space. With the rapid development of industrialization and urbanization, the impact of mainstream culture, the decline of traditional villages, the conflict between the protection and development of traditional villages is becoming more and more intense. Earlier media reports, China has a sharp decline in the number of natural villages, some of which have historical, ethnic, regional culture and architectural value of traditional villages. China’s Ministry of housing and urban rural development, China’s Ministry of culture and other departments as early as 2012 to start the joint protection of traditional villages. Has initially established guidance and management mechanism, has been included in the list of 2555 villages in China’s traditional villages to give each village a total of 3 million yuan (RMB) protection and support funds. "13th Five-Year" plan, the official Chinese proposed to increase the protection of traditional village houses and historical and cultural village, town, the construction of the beautiful countryside. Zhao Hui said that the protection of traditional villages are still facing many difficulties and problems, the protection of traditional villages of talent and technology support serious degradation, lack of restraint and protection, laws and regulations of the protection of investment demand, the decline of traditional village phenomenon can not be ignored. Zhao Hui suggested that Chinese relevant government departments will continue to strengthen the protection of traditional villages, focusing on promoting the legal system of the protection of traditional villages, continue to increase support to the establishment of warning and exit mechanism, carry out personnel training; for the community to participate and play together. 2016 of the second "Chinese traditional villages? Qiandongnan summit" organized by the people’s Government of Guizhou Province, Qiandongnan Prefecture People’s government contractors to "create Sharing — the construction of traditional village protection and development of new relations" as the theme, aims to build various social forces, to further explore the protection and development of traditional villages to find effective way to combine. (end)相关的主题文章: