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China media: Guangdong province made Xuan Kuang Hsu yuan library level seven two per cent of Chinese 5000 years of civilization, culture and history. Each stage of historical development is growing in our country, silver is also an important part in the history of the Milky Way. The specific historical period also makes it occupy an important position in the history of the coin, it not only represents the modern currency culture Chinese, reflects China’s modern history, economy, finance and the rise and fall of the vicissitudes of life, has the very high artistic value and cultural value. [Guangdong province made seven flat ingot base Guangxu two per cent – positive] silver precious material, high artistic value, the precious metal or silver alloy casting, produced exquisite, elegant designs, text handsome, rich, bright silver, pleasant appearance, but also has a certain value and value function. With the collection of investment hot rising, silver coins in the booming market, the future may be of great Chinese dollar investment in the field of a dark horse ". This coin is good, regular shape, fine texture, smooth fine brushwork font, carved ornamentation, such coins are rare, a high collection value, we can see that this Gold Silver Snowflake condition is very good, typefounding, with distinct characteristics. The collection of ancient coins is a hot spot in today’s collection, such as we see today such a silver coin, there is a very high appreciation potential and collection value. [Guangdong province made seven flat ingot base Guangxu two per cent – back] collection of goods is exquisite, its aesthetic style is uniquely, but fresh coins positive Han cultural fusion of visible, and money back but clearly marked the involvement of Western culture. The coin is small, but also of social culture reflected. The patina bone, ripe old natural, deep typing mouth clear, obvious signs of circulation, tooth clearance, dragon scale clear, the investment value and of high value. It has a history of influence, is a very high value of revolutionary cultural relics, has far-reaching historical significance; at the same time, archaeology and research of Chinese history and culture of a rare kind. The gold is a currency unique Qing Dynasty Guangxu years. There is a feature of currency because of the Qing Dynasty, the situation is not stable, so have a special currency foundry in almost every province in china. Therefore, we will find that era’s currency has a distinct mark typecasting, which province is mint. Guangdong province Mint gold currency is seven in two points, three money money money four points six points, four per cent, seven points, three points two to six per cent in five. Sixteen years Guangxu (1890) Guangdong Bureau of the mint money according to the imperial Qing government system, the money reform proposal to "Guangdong Panlong chisel, paper and flat to positive weight of Chinese library, Third Edition" Guangxu wide casting ingot, in Guangxu thirty-four years, the court will be money according to three levels of casting circulation. Are seven money two ($four), a money of four per cent (two, seven angle) of two per cent (a), mainly by casting and Minting factory of Tianjin, Nanyang and Beiyang (South), Hubei, Guangdong is the four branch, but also casting, liquidity is not big Guangdong Province, made seven flat ingot base Guangxu two per cent of the treasures to common. The ingot is public collections, collectors have a certain number of)相关的主题文章: