China successfully developed the world’s second high magnetic strength of the steady state of the ma roxane hayward

Steady state magnet device – China successfully developed the second high field strength in the new agency in Hefei in November 14, Xinhua (reporter Wu Lan) a strong magnetic field China Science Center Academy of Sciences 14 news, after 8 years of scientific research, hybrid magnet device developed by the center debugging success, the realization of the 400 thousand Gauss steady-state magnetic field. It is reported that the magnetic field intensity after the U.S. national high magnetic field laboratory to achieve 450 thousand Gauss steady-state magnetic field strength. The earth’s magnetic field strength is about 0.5 Gauss, and the steady state magnetic field intensity of 400 thousand Gauss is about 800 thousand times that of the earth’s magnetic field. The hybrid magnet is composed of an outer superconducting magnet and a water-cooled magnet which is sheathed therein. According to the staff, water-cooled magnet separate debugging success in September, the steady-state magnetic field can produce 300 thousand Gauss; low temperature up to 920 mm large aperture high field superconducting magnet debugging successfully in a week ago, the steady-state magnetic field can produce 100 thousand Gauss. The two magnets successfully fit, the afternoon of 13 CO produced a steady state magnetic field of 400 thousand Gauss. Strong magnetic field is a kind of extreme experimental condition to support the exploration of science. Therefore, the high magnetic field device must pursue higher magnetic field. The pursuit of a high magnetic field is like climbing Mount Qomolangma, before reaching the limit, it is necessary to overcome many difficulties to succeed. Hybrid magnet is the main choice of the highest steady-state magnetic field in the world. But choosing it means choosing a series of major technical challenges. For example, the seemingly simple installation of magnet slight deviation that can lead to great damage, two magnet or magnetic center surface if not coincidence, even a difference of 1 mm, the magnet will also face interaction tons. This device is successful debugging of hybrid magnet magnetic field produced the highest 9 strong magnetic field magnet device Science Center China Academy of Sciences in the national "11th Five-Year" major science and technology infrastructure — steady high magnetic field laboratory project contains the research, and finally made the magnet power. Its successful development is an important milestone in the development of high magnetic field technology in china. At present, only the United States, Japan, France, Holland built or are being built such magnets. After the successful commissioning, making China the second country in the world has 400 thousand Gauss steady magnetic field strong magnetic field laboratory. It is reported that hybrid magnets will be mainly used for the study of quantum behavior of new functional materials. (end)相关的主题文章: