Chinese cloud can be automatically opened fire against the Sohu or combat Military Channel coordinat mkdv-02

China "cloud" can be automatically opened fire against or with 20 fighters cooperative combat – Sohu Military Channel on November 1st at 10:20 in the morning, two fighters -20 flew to Zhuhai airport. In the double after the field, but also to the machine again through the field, climbing, circling, to the public. China’s independent research and development of a new generation of stealth aircraft debut for the first time, the Eleventh China International Aviation and aerospace Expo on the biggest surprise. The show, a total of more than and 700 businesses in 42 countries and regions to participate in the exhibition, including aircraft, radar, missiles and other more than and 60 types of hundreds of service weapons. According to the China air force spokesman Shen Jinke introduced, a total of 18 China Air Force aircraft, missile, radar and other equipment, type 39 weapons facilities, vehicles, a total of more than 110 pieces in the show. Compared with the previous exhibitions, the China air opening is higher, more diversified, more new equipment, 50% is the first public appearance. The air force spokesman Colonel Shen Jinke said the scene at the show, "we rely on their own strength, system development of high-tech weaponry, Chinese air force strategic transformation achieved from quantitative change to qualitative leap." Witness the f -20 flight show only 1 minutes, the -20 "hurry" today at 10:22 in the morning, 2 other "odd" domestic stealth fighter from the air show site tens of thousands of spectators roared overhead, low pass, and close to the 90 degree angle has jumped sharply, causing the audience cheered as one falls, another rises. At the opening day, air force test pilot driving of F -20 fighter flight show, this is China independently developed a new generation of stealth fighter debut. The whole flight show only 1 minutes, then "off", J -20 "from the audience can only through the air crash of new aircraft domineering". It is reported that the f -20 is still in scientific research, air force test pilot and fighter -20 man-machine contact more and more skilled manipulation, so the task is performed air force test pilot. Zhang Xinguo, deputy general manager of the aviation industry, said the Chinese air force to display, but also from the user point of view to evaluate the aircraft. Zhang Xinguo said at a news conference at the show, a new generation of fighter f -20 have the basic common characteristics, will further enhance Chinese comprehensive combat capability, a sacred mission to help the air force better shoulder to safeguard national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity. At the same time, he said, for this new type of fighter, based on the country’s strategic interests and strategic objectives, do not have to compare and evaluate the aircraft with other countries. According to reports, the first flight of the -20 in 2011. As of this year, a total of 11 fighters -20 in field test. In 5 years, continuous improvement, flight test, transformation, for the formation of the fourth generation fighter jets to join the Chinese air force battle sequence. Professor Wang Mingzhi said the Air Force Command College, this is the master of the development of the aviation technology researcher, is a comprehensive reflection of a country’s overall level of scientific research and production technology. Like the new UAV UAV is encouraging, and the future or F -20 cooperative combat UAV has a.相关的主题文章: