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Chinese honest unspoken rules: look at the conditions to tell the truth – Sohu culture channel lies in Chinese grammar, but also the unspoken rules of honesty. Is social standard lies is a kind of truth — the speaker listener know that their lies and truth — honest Shututonggui became a kind of antisocial behavior, lies are social acquaintances pass. The Huang Junjie Chinese says the highest realm lies, is telling lies into truth — you lie all believe that it is true; or, you lie all don’t believe, and did not mean to spread, it is also the truth. Chinese said the highest realm of truth, the truth is said to lie — every word is the truth, but the truth a censoring, the truth is a lie. This is also called the "great music has the faintest notes, great form is beyond shape". "Zawenxuankan" has published views, that China lie culture originated from the "bargain". Liang Shiqiu also wrote in the "bargain" in a good bargain: he has the sharp politicians face, diplomat’s mouth, killing fish guts, patience, hard as a stone, tough like leather, only to defeat the profiteers to wait for the right price to sell. Bargain lies and have fun together, is to "guess": first, know the sign on the price is false, this is the unspoken rule; then all know you have the right to know the price, but not to guess this is awfully, culture; finally, resolutely think not bargain to buy good stuff. This is a superstition — actually "bargain logic" is everywhere in life, and the Chinese TV shopping channel, read the latest statistics, listen to the speech of the leader of the scene is the same. Chinese people guess. The most implicit expression, but also the most understand the traditional code of conduct listeners to understand its meaning. American psychologist Paul Ekman? There is a point of view, said the prisoners lie detection ability is high, the living environment is full of lies honed. A Chinese can become masters of the same recognition lies, — Chinese familiar format (words), goodwill lies (words), lie lie (courtesy of encouragement) and nonsense of lies (Mandarin), lies and anti lie is the game most accustomed to life, is the so-called fighting an endless enjoyment. So the Chinese people are most afraid of being cheated. China had dating shows and reality shows the use of the polygraph, rising popularity, and finally had to be stopped SARFT; but the polygraph Taobao claims to be able to test the love is still enthusiastic, "civil micro polygraph" to sell off the city, as the real feelings has been out of stock. So, the most afraid of being cheated by the Chinese people, why do not love to tell the truth? The Chinese can tell the truth as a lie and tell the truth. Lies China Grammar: non truth lies do not joke, Chinese, duplicity say stocks are drugs, are playing; that money is evil, are fishing; say beauty is the troubles, all want to say; aloof, in climbing; said tobacco and physical injury, said not to quit; the most beautiful paradise, not to. There are posts to do "news network," the maturity of the grammar – the speech is not important, no warm applause, the leadership did not pay attention to, not to see.相关的主题文章: