Chinese Nansha 5 lighthouse photo exposure (Photos) puritans pride

Chinese Nansha 5 lighthouse photo exposure (Photos) original title: Nansha Chinese 5 lighthouses photo exposure (Figure) in November 5, 2016, is located in the three Shashi Meiji reef lighthouse. October 28th issue of "China Lighthouse" special stamps 1 sets of 5, the contents of the Nansha’s 5 lighthouse. In October 28th, China Post issued a "Chinese Lighthouse" special stamps of 1 sets of 5 pieces, the contents of the pattern are: Huayang lighthouse, Chigua lighthouse, Zhubi lighthouse, permanent summer lighthouse and economic lighthouse, on display in China since 2015 in Nansha built a large modern multifunctional light to the lighthouse, stamp reference Huayang etc. a real design, the overall style is simple and generous: in the light rays, the 5 lighthouse stands in the blue sea, bright lights to guide the safety of ships sailing from afar. The lighthouse, standing by the water, light and peace, leading to steep headland Island, save in the tempestuous waves when the helpless, plays an important role in the safety of navigation, a record of human "farming fishing, Takumi and the glory of" maritime history, but also silently tells the Chinese blue dream. Magnolia Head Lighthouse stamps. Navigation Personnel in the maintenance of the lighthouse. Guardian of the South China Sea waterway hub of the South China Sea, has always been of concern, is the world’s busiest maritime traffic waters, 1/2 ships, 1/3 of global total freight volume and more than 40% of China’s foreign trade goods, more than 80% of the oil passing through here. But over the years, our country in the waters of the South China Sea navigation aid facilities are lacking, the construction of the 5 Nansha lighthouse completely changed the situation. The Ministry of transport of the South China Sea protection center in Xisha (Nansha) Navigation Department of transport Deputy Chief protection Shi Junfeng told reporters, Huayang 5 lighthouse are large multifunctional lighthouse, can provide navigation navigation service reference, route guidance, etc., the maritime safety information for the ship, is conducive to enhancing the surrounding waters navigation, navigation and management emergency rescue ability. In architectural design, the lighthouse fully absorbs the elements of Chinese traditional culture, and through these cultural elements, to the countries of the seafaring people of the Chinese nation peace and friendship. Specific to each beacon, and have their own characteristics, such as the Spratly Islands lighthouse in Huayang Huayang reef, the whole cone cylindrical reinforced concrete structure, the top of the building with Chinese traditional pattern words, meaning of the sun and fire to give light and hope, Voyager guidance; Chigua lighthouse is located in Spratly Islands chiguajiao, appearance design the shape of Chinese traditional musical instrument horn, at the top of the building and layer design into our traditional ray pattern, a symbol of respect for nature, meaning the weather; Zhubi lighthouse is located in Spratly Islands Zhubi reef, named "edge", from the traditional culture Chinese design conception of Tai Chi Bagua, octagonal base with circular tower, also has just soft also, of the attack and anti summerheat; permanent lighthouse is located in Spratly Islands named Yongshu Reef, "Splendid China", design conception from the traditional culture of the China Ding, like The Chinese nation always sign auspicious, the national prosperous future generations; the lighthouse is located in Spratly Islands named "sea mischief reef, the candle", the implication for standing at the seaside Candlestick, for people to guide the direction, illuminate the voyage, sailing for a light 7相关的主题文章: