Chinese riders motorcycle ride through Siberia 500 kilometers per day-denka

Chinese motorbike rider through Siberia riding 500 miles a day where Qiqing in line in front of a Eurasian 2016-2017 coincides with the Russian media exchanges, 16 Chinese Chinese rider southwest Chongqing into Russia from Manchuria port to ride, which lasted 15 days to complete the Yekaterinburg riding activities across russia. He is a member of Qiqing to accomplish this feat, he is a professor at Southwestern University’s Academy of Fine Arts, "hippies, train man seems to be his tag. After five years of age, he will wear a black T-shirt or a black leather jacket, wearing a helmet, black motorcycle boots, riding his beloved motorcycle. "Riding a motorcycle, I feel young." He said that he grew up like a motorcycle, I am very pleased to enjoy the sound of the metal locomotive and wind contact with the feeling." The 12 day of the Russian ride, from Manchuria to Yekaterinburg mileage of 6500 km. The most profound memory is the standard Windows desktop picture can stretch six thousand and five hundred kilometers, and without a square of sand, shocking to suffocation, subversion of my knowledge base (about) the Siberia desert cold words." Motorbike measurement in Russia this year, he and 15 other Qiqing China motorcycle owners completed a feat of crossing Siberia. As early as last year, Chongqing, a motorcycle owners club president Wu Wei has just had a ride experience in Russia, where ride comfort." At that time, several major planners a talk about this matter, we hit it off and began planning the miles riding. A pre event to prepare for two or three months, as a member of the main planning activities of the mind when He Qiqing recalled said, "Russia and Siberia and other regions of the elements are not the same, it kind of vast, boundless feeling is not anywhere else." So the journey begins. Every ride, comprehensive preparation is essential, and the exit ride, but not sloppy. What Qiqing started early for a driver’s license, vehicle legal notary Notary procedures, maintenance of a motorcycle, riding equipment, drugs were ready. He also participated in the relevant training, he said that Russia and China’s driving rules similar to 99%, but in the main intersection of the steering is somewhat different, which requires learning. In the past, accumulated a lot of long-distance riding experience, such as how to drive a cold place to freeze, what can overtake, etc.. "Safety first", he stressed that the long-distance riding is required for an experience, in addition to understand the team riding rules, special requirements can’t be late, to keep the formation. Before starting, he Qiqing excited, "even if one day riding how tired, tired tired but this is love." Kind of riding feeling and taste, and what kind of excitement behind it attracts one of what Qiqing. Ensure 16 Chinese rider to rider not left behind in the riding, ranged in age between 25~55 years old, a restaurant owner, entrepreneur, lawyer, shooting coach, a professor at the University of. She Guoqing was a shooting coach, because)相关的主题文章: