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Choose a pair of professional happiness life: ten of the most happy career list of freelancers why ranked first? According to the survey Chinese happy well-off index ", the top ten are: freedom of occupation, teachers, government officials, artists, ordinary civil servants, tour guides, private entrepreneurs, fitness coach, actor, entrepreneur. Freedom of occupation, is not that time and money are "best" occupation happiness? In terms of revenue, a large domestic website released "2014 O2O free occupation analysis report" shows that the pre tax income of 5000 yuan higher than the O2O free occupation accounted for 68%, 9% people of more than 10 thousand yuan, and less than 3000 yuan accounted for only 14%, in several popular free occupation, the average monthly salary of the car the appraiser even reached 16623 yuan, the average monthly salary massage reached 12244 yuan, reflexologist reached 9823 yuan, Manicure division reached 8014 yuan; in terms of time, freedom of occupation can be removed from the daily rush of labor, but also eliminates the need for interpersonal friction. Therefore, many people have a certain professional skills, quit their jobs to join the circle of freelancers. After 2012, after the fall of 2012 the top civil servants, civil servants fell off the top in terms of time, freedom of occupation can be removed from the daily grind which also eliminates the friction of interpersonal relationship. Therefore, many people have a certain degree of professional skills, have quit their jobs, into the circle of freelancers. It is noteworthy that this is the first time for the first time in the eyes of the public the most happy career in the eyes of the list. On the list in 2014, ranked in the free occupation of government officials, executives, teachers, ranked fourth; in 2013 the list, ranked in the free occupation of teachers, government officials, executives, artists, ordinary civil servants, ranked sixth; in 2012 the list, ranked after the common freedom of occupation civil servants, government officials, teachers, artists and executives, also ranked sixth. Is there a link between money and happiness? In the "2015 – China happiness index" survey, more than half of the respondents (52.5%) think that "no relation", but there are 30% of the respondents (35.1%) think that "more money, more happiness, only 12.4% of respondents feel" less money, more happiness". Although the majority of respondents for the money is still fairly detached performance, but in the face of income, it seems that some care". On the list of ten factors that affect the well-being of the people, the income ranked first. Influence of the national well-being of the ten factors in the "ten factors" occupation happiness rankings, income ranked first, followed by the manifestation of individual ability, again is personal development space, workplace relationships and personal interests to achieve in fourth and five, in the sixth to ten bit are working to bring their own welfare, social prestige, leading to their own views, position and power unit. And income Fang相关的主题文章: