Cocoa home merchants and consumer finance reached a strategic cooperation

Cocoa home merchants and consumer finance recently reached a strategic cooperation, cocoa home (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "cocoa home") and the Shanxi consumer financial Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Shanxi consumer finance") signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shanxi Taiyuan. The two sides will give full play to their advantages, integration of intelligent vehicle networking + consumer finance, integration of online and offline resources, to carry out close cooperation in the field of automobile financial services, "Coca Cola traffic intelligent entertainment system" as the core, combined with the unique advantages of the consumer finance, build smart, safe and inclusive "car travel solution plan. (cocoa home merchants and consumer finance signed strategic cooperation (home) cocoa merchants and consumer finance strategic cooperation signing) cocoa home Chairman Mr. Yuan Wei as the meeting invited guests at the signing ceremony, said: "as a new type of cocoa home technology companies a large data-driven marketing aging, focus on Intelligent Vehicle networking, mobile new media and automotive after market services, and strive for the realization of big data form under the new media marketing, intelligence, wisdom, happiness travel target. Effectively to provide intelligent, entertainment car life experience, convenient, efficient and safe car life service. At present, the company’s main push "can be widely recognized driving Cola intelligent networking entertainment system" has won the market, product sales and service outlets throughout the country 20 provinces, 805 service outlets, and to the municipal sales agent mode of rapid expansion, and strive to cover a wider area, more open city smart travel experience, build the car living ecosystem. The consumer finance as Shanxi’s first Consumer Finance Companies, with the company’s e loans, second e loans, fast easy loan three characteristics of consumer financial products matrix. With the help of the Internet consumer financial advantage, establish the whole process of network marketing loan mode, consumer loan approval issued into cooperative enterprise business process and application scenarios, providing more friendly service experience for customers. The company follows the spirit of Jin, cultural heritage merchants "serving the public service" development strategy, vigorously implement the innovation, facing the country, Internet services in urban and rural areas, inclusive the livelihood of the people, highly fit and unique consumer scene home to cocoa financial service concept. The consistency of each other based on the cognitive strategy, cocoa home will use its own limitation in marketing, big data analysis, the unique "Scene" on the mobile car life advantage through strategic cooperation with the consumer finance, providing financial products and services, simple, extreme personality "for the user." (cocoa home Mr. Yuan Wei chairman) Mr. Dong Wenchang Shanxi consumer finance president made a wonderful speech at the signing ceremony: "the Consumer Finance Companies is the fourteenth company to get a license to the Consumer Finance Companies approved practice, the practice of inclusive livelihood concept, to provide financial consumer credit products to consumers as the main business, bank, e-commerce enterprises the next line of business, and other resources, in the consumer loan risk control model design, personal customer resources and data development, Internet banking, business and other aspects of the expansion area have advanced technology and broad prospects. Consumer finance will create a trillion blue ocean market. The two sides will work together!相关的主题文章: