Cold and warm encounter caused by the explosion of the table in Urumqi – PM2.5 googims

"Being met in Urumqi caused the PM2.5 burst table – Beijing, China News Agency, Urumqi, November 2 in Urumqi since late 1951 through the coldest in October, the city continued southeast wind blowing, the temperature rise significantly. Cold and warm air meet, leading to the city’s air quality index (AQI) data burst table, the primary pollutant is PM2.5. According to the Urumqi Environmental Protection Bureau website data, AQI data on 17 of the city area, Tianshan shayibake, high-tech zones, economic and Technological Development Zone reached more than 255, the Tianshan region reached 331, are heavily polluted. According to China’s Ministry of environmental protection website data show that 2, 15, Urumqi AQI reached 225, severe pollution levels, the primary pollutants are also PM2.5. Expected 3, Urumqi is still affected by southeast winds, temperatures continue to rise, according to the forecast of the city will moderate pollution, the primary pollutant PM10. But 4 days to 6 days, Xinjiang will usher in the northern cold air, local moderate to heavy snow, local blizzard, most northern temperatures dropped 8 to 10 DEG C, more than 12 local C. In recent years, Urumqi air pollution, has implemented "coal to gas" project, shutting down backward production capacity of enterprises, promote the Midong industrial pollution control, accelerate the elimination of yellow cars etc.. "2016 Urumqi air pollution prevention and control plan", this year, Urumqi city will invest 4 billion 700 million yuan, completed eight class 29 air pollution control projects, to ensure that the PM10 concentration decreased by 3% compared to 2015, and strive to the concentration of PM10 reached 120 micrograms per cubic meter. (end)相关的主题文章: