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Comment: diplomacy leading global governance new course – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing, September 17: diplomacy leading global governance new course — review of the outcome of the Hangzhou summit of the G20 series of two Xinhua News Agency reporter Hou Lijun, licensing of the group of twenty (G20) leaders summit in Hangzhou ended, deeply engraved on the world stage "Chinese mark". Since the financial crisis in the most complex situation, the challenge is the key point of multiple, Chinese as the host of the overall situation, strategies for global governance, design idea and Chinese top contribution Chinese wisdom, let the world economy again set sail from Hangzhou. Foreign media evaluation, China’s external display of confidence, tolerance and play, showing the leadership of the largest developing countries. Gather consensus, gather strength, lead the future. The Hangzhou summit fruitful, to establish a new "global benchmark" in the world, submitted to the world a good answer. Mutual benefit and common development, China’s concept permeates the future development of the group of twenty. To contribute to the world China Program 53 activities, 33 bilateral talks and other contacts with the guests, the 1 bulletin, the results of the 28 documents…… President Xi Jinping presided over the group of twenty leaders during the summit in Hangzhou, to carry out intensive home diplomacy. We pursue an independent foreign policy of peace, adhere to the basic national policy of opening up, open the door to engage in construction, from the large scale introduction to strides go out, actively promote the construction of a more fair and reasonable international order, China interaction with the outside world continued to deepen, China friends all over the world." Critical moment, the parties to listen to the voice of china. President Xi Jinping in the group of twenty summit keynote speech entitled "blueprint" China development of a new starting point for global growth, become the most concentrated, the summit Chinese the concept of the display system. President Xi Jinping for the first time a comprehensive exposition of equality, openness, cooperation, sharing of global economic governance concept, put forward the five "unwavering" important concept around the world concern for Chinese economy, focus on problems of the world economy, gives the answer China. State Councilor Yang Jiechi said, China proposed the view that global economic governance, Chinese as a responsible country, in a wider range and deeper and higher level of participation in global economic governance at the same time, actively committed to the philosophy and Chinese wisdom China contribution for global economic governance. The fund for economic policy research Turkey political analyst Yinan wrote that the outcome of the Hangzhou summit will give G20 the world economy leading role. The fact that the G20 summit in Hangzhou holds different voices also demonstrates China’s leadership and ability to exercise "soft power". To build China proposed innovative open and inclusive linkage type, the world economy that Chinese comes down in one continuous line with five development ideas, is a recipe for comprehensive measures tackling the problem of the current problems facing the world economy. "". Temel, President of Brazil, said China’s long-term economic growth will remain at a high level, providing a useful experience for the world. The summit can take the example of china.相关的主题文章: