Constructing the green financial system with the new idea freyja

Green financial system — Theory – original title to construct new ideas: build green financial system in August 30th with the new concept, the twenty-seventh meeting of the central comprehensively deepen reform leading group for consideration by the "guidance on the construction of green financial system". August 31st, the people’s Bank of China, Ministry of Finance and other seven ministries issued the "guidance". In the recent G20 summit, green finance has become one of the important issues. "Guiding opinions" is not only the summary of the practice of green finance in China, but also the innovation and promotion of the concept and mechanism of green finance. The new concept of green finance, which is explained by the guidance, can be summarized into three key words: responsibility, market and CO governance. It can be said that China’s green finance is based on environmental responsibility, market-oriented, with the characteristics of a common financial development pattern, which is an important basis for the development of green finance in china. Green finance is based on the environmental responsibility of the financial. At present, we are carrying out the construction of ecological civilization, the core and the most important problem is environmental responsibility. Traditional financial form does not emphasize corporate environmental responsibility. In modern society, financial enterprises must conform to the trend of development of the times, and focus on the environmental responsibility of enterprises. Green finance first requires companies to do the social responsibility of environmental protection. Enterprise is not only the driving force of economic and social development, but also the polluter and the polluter. Green finance requires the basic criteria for the evaluation of energy saving and environmental protection, in fact, it constructs a financial operation system with the core of environmental responsibility. According to the "guidelines", green finance is to support environmental improvement, climate change and resource conservation and efficient use of economic activities. Environmental responsibility and financing rights. The enterprise is responsible for the environment, to achieve a green production and management, you can get more financial support in terms of credit, listing, insurance, etc.. Thus, the "guidance" on the basis of responsibility, to build a green financial restraint and incentive mechanism is the concept of corporate environmental responsibility in the financial sector to further refine and implement. Green finance, market-oriented finance. China’s current environmental governance urgently needs to establish a market-oriented investment and financing mechanism, and with the help of the market to achieve effective environmental governance. The guidance stresses the need to solve the problems of environmental externalities and the provision of public goods through a market-oriented approach, which will help to overcome the problems that have been taken in the past. Through positive incentive and reverse restraint mechanism, green finance has a direct impact on the financing cost of enterprises, and makes the management behavior of enterprises tend to protect the environment. In terms of positive incentives of the market, the green industry is a sunrise industry, which has high security and strong expectation for its financing. To provide low interest loans, public convenience or more preferential premium financial support for energy-saving environmental protection enterprises, the implementation of effective environmental governance, financial enterprises to adapt to the change of economic and social development needs, embodied to follow the laws of the market. On the reverse of the market constraints, for high pollution, high energy consuming enterprises, because of its.相关的主题文章: