Cooling the property market is not a good thing for the banking sector ghost observer

Cool the property market on the banking industry is not good to the sina finance opinion leader column (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Jiang Bojing once the market suddenly cooled, even if the material analysis, the property market will in the "whole plate" in the next few years, the individual housing loan business is very likely with the cooling property market plunged because, the individual housing loan business for banks, the banks have to bear a heavy blow in the performance. Cool the property market is not a good thing for the banking sector in the eleven golden week, the author and an exchange of financial media friends, talking about the hot issues which should be concerned about the middle of the holiday. The friend reminded me to think a problem in the holiday period, the stock market will not replace the property market to become new funds in the post holiday, simply say that real estate will cool down after eleven; another point of concern, is to Deutsche Bank Crisis, because during the eleven stocks in the United States is over the city. At that time, my friend and I were to split the two questions. However, after the end of the eleven holiday, I found that these two issues have a very close relationship, even if my friend, I was in the exchange and I am not aware of this coincidence". What is the relationship? I believe that if the real estate suddenly cool, then the volume of individual housing loan business will be reduced, then the Chinese banking industry will suffer a major blow, the downturn in the domestic banking sector may be worse! From a global perspective, the banking sector is not booming. Deutsche bank crisis as the representative of the European banking crisis is moving forward with the winter season, the scope of the impact is still unknown. Before the eleven holiday in China, after experiencing a net profit of the first quarter of the year fell by 98%, Deutsche Bank shares fell for the first time in the history of a single digit, the stock fell below the euro of 10, plunged more than 8%. At that time, Deutsche Bank also dragged European bank Stoxx stock index fell nearly 3%, while the German level so credit default swaps climbed to record highs. As of October 7th, Deutsche Bank’s share price has rebounded, but compared with last year’s $30 per share in October, there is still a considerable distance. But Similarly afflicted people pity each other. with Deutsche Bank, Germany’s second largest bank in Beijing said the time of the evening of September 29th, will cut nearly 10 thousand jobs, layoffs amounted to 1/5. Prior to this, the data show that German commercial banks in the first half profit fell 44%, the share price fell by 35% during the year! At present, the European banking crisis will not repeat the Lehman story began to become the biggest concern. In China, China’s banking sector is not very optimistic. It is not optimistic in the following areas. On the one hand, net profit growth slowed. To the big five banks as an example, according to statistics, first half earnings of five major banks, the first half of 2016, the workers and peasants in the establishment of diplomatic relations five rows were a net profit of 150 billion 217 million yuan, 105 billion 148 million yuan, 93 billion 37 million yuan, 133 billion 903 million yuan, 37 billion 661 million yuan, the growth rate slowed, year-on-year growth of 0.8%, 0)相关的主题文章: