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Corrupt officials "portrait": after the political desire, they changed…… [years ago] the rings of the year passed quietly, eighteen years since the vigorous struggle against corruption, has been carried out for nearly four years. Review of anti-corruption process in recent years, iron fisted anti-corruption efforts are unprecedented, there is no "iron hat king", "no," super 100 token granted by the emperor "tiger" into the cage, hundreds of thousands of flies were knocked out, "Fox" overseas net tightening "100 red" is the name of all is to. Accordingly, in the anti-corruption storm, a corrupt official’s real face is exposed in front of people. They are in the "smart" performance and become a prisoner of the contradictory results, a qualitative change, like a satire, ironic show all sorts of ugly behaviours. Gradually, people have a clearer understanding of corrupt officials. In front of the public, they will portray their integrity, his image, sing the "anti-corruption" slammed the corrupt justice Ling ran; on the job, they may be buried in work "workaholic" may be good at understanding the leadership intent and cleverly executed good subordinate. That may be good leaders close to the people, may be "three cadres", "star officials", but in the face of political desire, they are obsessed with money and sex, and can not extricate themselves to her depth, forget their ideals and beliefs, forget the oath before the flag, forgot his head hanging in Damour the sword of Chris. Justice has long arms, since hand, when one was caught. When they are in prison, the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked, they found themselves unable to cover up the "Mask", but is "blinders" type of self deception. Front car cover. China Communist Party news came out seven kinds of corruption "portrait" in recent years, officials sacked corrupt officials, explore diverse attitude, for you to uncover their mask". Today, we launched the first phase, about the political desire of the sacked officials story. (pictured from left to right: Lv Fuchun, Chen Xicheng, Dai Xiaoming) August 25, 2016, the news caused public concern — the new Liaoning provincial inspection rectification bulletin said: former Secretary of provincial Party committee Wang Min, personal political unfulfilled expectations, negative fall, even lead to the weakening of the core conflict central, provincial Party committee leadership. People can not help but wonder, as at the ministerial level fengjiangdali, Wang Min is a leader of the China politics. In such a high position, he did not have any political aspirations? Can be seen in its political ambitions. However, the reporter combed through public reports found that individual political expectations fell, the more negative than Wang Min…… After he was alternate members of the central depression, superstition in September 18th this year, the Commission website informed the original Tianjin Municipal Committee, Jinnan party secretary Lv Fuchun serious violation of the original case. The circular pointed out, the 39 year old Lv Fuchun became the bureau level leading cadres, 43 year old was listed as the Central Committee alternate candidate, vice mayor at the age of 44 and became the object of study, work ability is not strong. But a little bit on the path of personal growth and progress相关的主题文章: